Thursday, March 29, 2007

Weblog Assignment #1

First, make sure you have a weblog so that when you're ready to post, you have a place to put it.

Then, type two paragraphs (double-space) on ONE of the sites below. Your writing should look like this:

First paragraph (5-7 sentences): Tell what site you went to. Link to the site. Tell who made it or what group it represents. Describe it. Tell where it goes, and what you can find with the links. DO NOT COPY. You may write about the subject itself, but put it in your own words.

Second paragraph (5-7 more sentences). Give your opinion: about the site, the topic, or the group. Give reasons for your opinion.




Alternatives to Marriage

Unmarried America

Cohabitation Nation (living together without marriage)


Stepfamily Association of America


Norman Rockwell Gallery (artist who drew traditional families)


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Welcome to CESL- 072!


What is below this, was done earlier!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I entered to and I saw a lot of kinds of crime on this Website, for exampel, Marilyn Monroe. It talks about her life and someone who knows about her secret relationships with the Kennedy brothers.In the left of the screen they show me a lot of links that tell us about the crime.In the right of the screen they show me a picture of the victim.

My opinion: this website gives me more information about the crime, so i think this website is interesting.


i visited this awebsaite about the most dangerous crimnals in the world. when you viste this websaite you are going to see the top ten most wanted fugitives .there are the pictures and names for them . if you press any one, you waill see othe pictures also there transcripts of video,description , caution , whether they are considered armed and extremely dangerous ,and reward for them. on thiswebsiat yot can get e-mail updates on most wanted fugitives information .On the botton of the page there is news freom,FBI's art theft program,read about the evidence response team , read page 2 original stories , read about FBI laboratory services, and FAQ's about the FBI.

My opinion :I like it.It is very interesting,this the best wibsait, that offers money for people who give any information about criminals.Also i hope all people visit to know about the dangerous people.FBI is the best security in the world.the crimnals will be caught sooner or leter.

AE2 Abdulmajeed

I went to the link which talkes about the identity thieves by using the enternet. There are many thieves in the enternet try to steal other people’s personal information to use it for many illegal ways. This website share some ways that the thieves use to steal the personal information and some ways to keep our personal information safty from the thieves.

In my opinion this site is very helpfu. It has alotof information about the identity thieves. stealling the personal information like social security numbers, financial account numbers and PIN numbers are very bad because it can use by an others people to do illigel things

Death Penalty

Many people have a different idea about the death penalty. Some people are for the death penalty, while others are against it. I agree with the people who are for the death penalty because the death penalty is a good way to provent the people from committing crime. It can be effect the murder when they think about the death penalty. So the death penalty is very important to reduce the crime specially the murders who need serious punishment.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Death Penalty

The death penalty ,or capital punishment is one of the sentences to prevent people from committing crime. However, Some people believe the death penalty is a correct way to reduce the amount of crime and stop people from committing murder.For example, in some countries that apply this kind of rule, the number of homicides has declined because the execution of converted murder should scare potential killers, discourage them from killing, and satisfy the emotions of people who are very angry against the crime. I agree that the death penalty is the right way to deter murder. When someone just thinks before trying to kill someone that it will lead to hanging or another death penalty.


Death Penalty

Death penalty is best way to deter people from committing murder. There are many reasons which support death penalty to be a good way to stop them from committing murder. When the governments execute the death penalty people will be frightened then they will not commit murder. For example, if someone knows he will be killed if he kills another one, he really will not do the crime. In addition, victims' families get justice when the government executes the murderer. Death penalty also helps victims' families emotionally. Death penalty really is a good way and I support countries that execute it.

By Wabran

Who is Cash? by Husam

Johnny Cash songs sung from 1955; he was born in 1937 in Dyess, Arkansas. He loved to read a book, hear a song on the radio, go fishing, and love his life. He lived in many different places, in the United States; also, one thing is still in his memories, which he'll never forget, his bigger brother. When was 17 years old he was a singer in the Army in Germany. After two years he got married with his first wife; her name was Vivian Cash. He started to take capsules of drugs from 1956 until 1968. He divorced his wife in 1966, and had three girls. He loved a black color because people called their group "man in black", and they made two movies; one of them is called Man in Black. He never sang in the party from 1965 to 1968 to get away from drugs. He loves classical music and had his second marriage on the stage with “June Carter” he was the best and most popular singer of classic country music and did a good business in his life; he died in 2003. We can visit his web log at this website.

In my opinion
The drugs are bad things for anybody to try to get; that is because, after he uses them, life is over with his wife, kids, friend, a special business, and his name in the world. But because he was a good man he was helpful, and tried to do his best steps in life. He makes a new range of music for people, and respected them. Finally, I like Johnny Cash.

by Husam

What is the dangerous city? by Husam

What is the dangerous city?

I went to this website. I found the most dangerous location in the world . It has many cities there where killing people is very easy and the guns are every where, for example, Sao Paulo, Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Israel and North Korea. On the left side, a group of links talks about places for travel in these countries. Are there a lot of places that are examples of this?

Any way, I think this website is very interesting because it shows me a lot of countries. Every one in the world likes to visit. When I visit these links I can know what happens in this city and who visited.

by Husam

Monday, March 05, 2007

Someone killed by police


I visited the website
which is talking about the man who was shot and killed by a Carbondale police officer an Monday morning last week. He was 22 years old. The story happend in Carbondale A girl called police officers to tell them about someone who was stabbed. Than policeman came. After that a policeman saw the man,who had aknife,and said to him,"Drop the knife" ,but he did not. Then the police officer shot him and he was taken to Memorial Hospital of Carbondale ,but he later was pronounced dead.

In my opinion, the Carbondale police officer responded quickly and took he necessary action to stop the crime. The police officer could have shot the man in the foot or in the hand ,but the policeman was doing his job.

The most Wanted List

I went to this website and it talk about ten people who did acrime and they are wanted by the world. The website shows picthres of these people, like Usama Bin Laden, Tames J.Bulger,...etc so when you click to each person the website gives you inrormation about this person, his Date of Birth, Hair, place of birth, and all the description. Moreover, hte website gives you information about what this person did. At the end the website put areward for the people who know any information about this criminal or know where this criminal lives.

My opinion:

This is the best way in my opinion to find this criminal, because some people like areward so he will tell the truth to have this money and this picture and information will help the people to take care from this people. Actually I think the picture in the website is anold picture, so they shuld find anew picture, because maybe they will change their face, so be careful of guys from these people and tell the FBI if you know any thing, to have agood life

Suliman Aluqeel

Suspects in five burglaries arrested

i went to this website and it talks about two men who stole from some place in carbondale city. After that the carbondale police arrested them and put them in tha jail. When polic investigated this case, thay discovered tha ways it was done was like the way five cases ago. The author said where and when all these burglaries happened and he told to us what happened to these guys. They stole from many store like EgyptianCorner, Radio Shack and Rent1 ...etc.

In my opinion, I like this website because it shows what happened in my city and what tha policemen did about that. Most people move to another city when they find out there are alot of crimes or burglaries in their city. Usually the burglaries are common in the student's city.

Suliman Aluqeel

Killed Jesse James


I went to website that talked about how what Jesse James did and about how he was killed. He robbed the banks for about 15 years and he has experience robbing the banks. He has four brothers help him to robbe and he is popular in Missouri because he broke the law. Do you know how he was killed? The government said to the people who will catch him or bring him to us, we will give him money.SO, someone was excited to take money. that was the Ford brother. So he killed Jesse and brought him to the government. What do you think the government did to him? They said to, him did you kill him. He said, yes i did, and then the government put him in jail. Do you know why? Because all the residents of Missouri liked Jesse .

In my opinion, I like him because he is smart,brave,and famous. I am interested in how most of the people in his city like him. I think he usually gave the people something from he stole. Also, i think the person who brought Jesse to the government is not smart because he delivered Jesse to Missouri government and most of the people who lived in Missouri like him. Finally, i like the events that were when the person brought Jesse to the government.


faisal AE2

I went to the website that talked about what Al Capone did and
how he became rich. So,he was in New York and then he went to
chicago.He worked with a bad group. They called him by a special
name. .He has many things like buildings and cars. So,he has a big
income. Finally, when he got a bad reputation he went to florida.


The story was very interesting,because he became a rich man
in three to five years without jobs. I know he was a bad guy
but actually he is very a smart man and he has confidence in
himself. Right now all people know him as a man who broke the law.

Jesse James

I went to link Jesse James website. And I will talk about him. He was born in Kearney, Mussouri. He did a lot of crimes in this state exactly because .he killed many people, but nevertheless the people like him because he was against the government and bank. He liked rob bank, he always robbed the bank, and police couldn’t keep him, because he was invisible. He was stealing free 200 years ago. He robbed 6,000$ from the bank, and he killed many policemen, he met the Ford brother, and he said to his brother shall we go to robe a bank, he had experience about that. The people helped police to know who is robbed bank, 15 years he robbed the bank around Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas City. He had some friends, only his friends they are knew where James was, he stayed home and his friends helped him. Finally, the government said to the people, if any person finds, James, the government will give him $10,000. Mussouri liked Jesse James, and someone who killed James and brought him to the Mussouri government, but this person didn't get $10,000, he was charged with murder.

Jesse James had more crime in his life, he robbed bank, killed people, and was against government. I think this is too much crime, 15 years of robbing bank, but in spite of that the people lifes him in Mussouri. He is smart and brave, because had friends help him and save him, he was a leader. I like this story, it's an interesting story.

Phishing ( by Yiming )

"Phishing " is a new kind of crime in which ID thieves trick people into providing their Social Security numbers, financial account numbers, PIN number, mother's maiden names, and other personal information by pretending to be someone they are not. The website gave us a lot of information and advice about "Phishing". There are several ways to protect consumers from getting in trouble. We should watch out for "phishy" emails; we'd better just only open email attachments if we're expecting them and know what they contain. Beside situations about email, we shouldn't click on links that ask for personal informaiton, and do the same for pop-up screens, protect our computer with spam filters, anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and a firewall, and keep them updated reqularty.

"Phishing" has become common in a few years; it has been given attention because os the serious density of informaiton, and the injury caused to many people. We should know more that "phishing" happens not only on the Internet, but exists also in our daytime lives. Phishing can also happen by phone; seeking jobs requires that we be careful; in addition, if someone contacts us and says we've been victim of fraud, werify the person's identify before provide personal informaiton. It sounds horrible, but it's true, the thieves are around us preparing to trick us. I've had a similar case that happened last year. When I searched for a video, a pop-up screen that said:" Congratulations!" you have won $50,000. Please type your name and your account number in order to get the money. Fortunately, I felt strange, because I've never done anything about the money, so I'm not fooled; now we know it is sign that something is "phishy".

Johnny Cash


I visited the Johnny Cash site. It talks about a very famous singer, “Johnny Cash”. On this site you can find many things about him. You can find news about him, biography, audio, videos, photo, downloads of his music, forum/chat, and links. You can also learn about Johnny Cash’s history and life. This site has a very interesting thing, you can buy charts printed with his name and his picture.

In my opinion, this site is very interesting because you can find much information about Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash had special life. Many people like him. He went to prison many time, but he didn’t stay in prison a long time because he didn’t do dangerous crime. I think he is helpful because he thinks about people in prison, sings songs for them, and tries to give them good feeling.


visited the site which has much information about Carbondale in the Dailly Egyptian. I read on that site a story about two men who were suspected of burglarizing five separate businesses in Carbondale and they were arrested by the police when they robbed a store. When the police investigated with other crimes the police found they did it.

In my opinion, this kind of criminal is very dangerous, because they have experience doing crime; they did many crimes and the police didn’t arrest them. I think they should get high punishment, because this high punishment could make them afraid from doing crime again.

Andre's assignment #5 - Death Penalty


The web site “The Death Penalty Worldwide”, part of “Infoplease: fill the knowledge you need” displays several countries classified according to the permission or not of the death penalty. They can be classified as Death Penalty Outlawed for ordinary crimes before it was outlawed in all cases; the earlier date is given; Death Penalty Outlawed for Ordinary Crimes- It’s allowed only for exceptional crimes, such as crimes committed under military law or in wartime; De Facto Ban on Death Penalty- It’s allowed by law but has not been the practice for ten or more years; and places where the Death Penalty is Permitted. The web site tells us about some statistics according to Amnesty International. During 2005 at least 2,148 people were executed in 22 countries, 94% in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the United States alone. More than 5,186 people were sentenced to death in 53 countries. More than 20,000 prisoners are on death row across the world.

This web site is really interesting; I spent more than an hour looking at many interesting things. You can also know a lot of statistics about American prisons, death row, men freed, and many really interesting things. When you go to this website you can do a rapid analysis of the situation of the countries and their following categories. For example, it’s very easy to see that the only 3 developed countries where the death penalty is permitted are Japan, the USA, and China, while all the other industrialized countries have already banned capital punishment. Also, if you want to kill someone out of your country, you should visit this web site to avoid surprises.

Alcatraz Live Cam


I went to an Alcatraz Live Cam site. This site shows us many things about Alcatraz prison. First of all, you can see around Alcatraz prison by live camera. Camera can’t show us apparent scene. And you can also see Alcatraz’s pictures: Alcatraz map, Guard lookout tower, cell, oldest lighthouse on the west coast, and something like that. Because the prison is in San Francisco Bay, you can know about San Francisco Bay’s weather. And you can also buy a ferry ticket for the trip. And you can know about the Alcatraz’s history and story from this site.

This site looks like a travel site because there are many advertisements for travelers. To show which is around Alcatraz prison by camera is likely to not inform us about Alcatraz prison in detail, but will attract many travelers. Anyway, you can see many pictures about that. This place is famous for the background of the movie “The Rock”. This prison is called like this: the Rock, prison’s prison, and Devil’s island. It shows this prison is such a brutal prison for prisoners. Nobody could escape from there. I can understand the mind of the prisoner who had watched out of the window the beautiful beach and city sadly.

Avoiding getting hooked by "phishing"


I went to Avoid getting hooked by phishing. What is "phishing"? As you can see the image of phishing from the picture above, phishing is a new scheme stealing other people's information illegally. This site teaches 12 tips that can make you avoid phishing. the know-how is useful for us who are living with computers. There are many ways to protect your information from phisher. Watch out for phishy emails! Never enter your personal information in a pop-up screen! Protect your computer with spam filters, anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and a firewall, and keep them up to date! Be suspicious if someone contacts you unexpectedly and asks for your personal informatiom! Like this, many ways from this site can help you avoid this crime.

I didn't know the word "phishing", so I tried to find the definition of phishing by using my dictionary. But I couldn't find it, so I was interested in this word. After reading the article, I could know about phishing. We should be careful of being hooked by phishers when we use computer. We should know the tips of avoiding phishing because someone who we don't know may take our important information. If you don't, you may lose your important information, your money, your fame, or even your job. And even now, the phishers are watching out for you as prey.

Death Penalty


I am opposed to the capital punishment system. According to the textbook, capital punishment doesn't relate to the homicide rate. Murder is a crime of passion, because they can not think calmly about the punishment and cannot stop committing crime because of outrage. So, I think capital punishment is not meaning. In addition, the executioner receives mental damage, because everybody knows life is most important for us. If death penalty does not deter murder, we should abolish it and try to rehabilitate the criminals. So, punishment of long imprisonment is better than capital punishment. In conclusion, the death penalty is useless to stop homicides and it is an unnecessary thing. So, we should abolish it!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Approval of the death penalty

Most people approve death penalty for several reasons from different viewpoints. In victims’ opinion, they want to get revenge and punish criminals, so they will agree with it. By the point of society cost, if we do not approve the death penalty, the cost will increase because prisons spend lots of tax money every year. Some people think the death penalty can help the government to show their authority. For some people who always commit crimes, the death penalty can give them a warning not to do serious crimes. In conclusion, the death penalty can decrease many of society is problems

Friday, March 02, 2007

Capital Punishment : An Eye for an Eye????

AE2 SUPERMAN - Muwoong

Capital punishment has to disappear in the world. It is never effictive to execute a brutal criminal to prevent a dreadful crime.

First, the capital punishment is a second murder committed by the nation's authority. The death penalty violates human rights. Many criminals were executed without enough evidence. After the execution was performed by the government, the truth was often revealed.

Next, Most serious crimes(such as murder) are caused by the organizational contradiction of our society and a criminals' extreme rage. In other word; the fundamental cause of crime is never the individual or his/her responsibility. Most brutal criminals have grown up in a low socioeconomic environment without an appropriate family and community's supports. If we want a more fundamental solution to deter a dreadful crime, we have to consider structual contradiction and social reform.

In conclusion, Capital punishment is never the best method to prevent a dreadful crime. To solve dreadful crimes in our society, we must seek more fundamental solutions.

Should we abolish the death penalty?


The existence of the death penalty is necessary. The death penalty is effective in deterring people from committing crimes. Most people dread the ending of life. If a person who wants to commit crimes thinks about the acceptance of punishment, maybe he will desist from doing bad things. If people don’t have internal controls, the external controls are necessary to help them control themselves.The death penalty is one way to give the victims and their family comfort. The victims and their family surely feel sad and are angry with the criminals. It is not fair to the victims if the criminals are not punished. The existence of the death penalty can help to keep the peace of society and protect its citizens, so we should not abolish it.