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New Way to Quit Smoking

Zezima, K(2009, June 2) Cigarettes without smoke, or regulation. The New York Times. Retrieved from

New Way to Quit Smoking
                  According to the article new product called e-cigarette, can help people quit smoking cigarettes more easily.  It’s an electronic device that allows smokers to get their nicotine needed without inhaling the chemical substances that cause cancer.  It has two parts.  The first one is a battery that supplies power to give a light when the user inhales. The second part is a cartridge that contains nicotine, flavor, and a vaporized liquid, which produces a harmless fog that looks like smoke.  Despite the potential benefits of the e-cigarette, the government has never been tested for effectiveness and safety. One safety concern is the usage of propylene glycol, a chemical used in antifreeze, in the fog. Studies showed that it has a small amount of nicotine. So, it stilled harmful for people whom used it. It could be a great step to fight against smoking if research can prove its effectiveness and safety as product, but it stills illegal to sell in many countries. A lot of studies “showed that it’s not a good way to quit smoking; however, they consider the product as way to attracts adults remains smoking”.

                  The electronic cigarette is a stunning product that could truly help smokers to quit. The idea of the E-cigarette that gives a particular percentage of nicotine that the smoker needs to feed the addiction. However, it does not have all the chemical substances which the regular cigarette has. Beside all of the benefit that the E-cigarette has to lead the smoker to quit, it has disadvantages. First, regarding people who do not smoke, it might draw them to the give it a try, because of all the different flavors and the attractive styles. Also, it could attract the youth to try something new by persuading themselves that it does not affect their body and they will not get addicted to it. Second, they might abuse the product, by smoking everywhere and every time, and this might lead them to smoking the regular cigarette.

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 * Summary :      

          This article"Slang in the world of hooking bulls, businessman's events and dirt baths"said, there is a specific type of players who have strength, and they like to present their skills by taking risks with riding bulls, or riding wild horses. These kinds of players are called"Cowboys"or"bull riders", and they display a game that's called"Rodeo". Also, the article said that there are many special terms that bulls riders use, and these words actually have no meaning; however, this means just the bull riders know what these words mean. One of rodeo organizers, whose name is Jack Bergeson, said"that the rodeo term ' bulldogging ' has nothing to do with either bulls or dogs". Another term they use is"ruffles", which means a special group of riders or Cowboys who show the biggest risks, like riding a wild horse, which is called"broncs", or riding horses without saddles. Something the article said about what the Cowboys do such as"breaking a horse", and they try to hang on them by just one hand, and this kind of games is called"rigging". In addition, there are a lot of words that they use as a sign between them such as"dirt bath", and"hooky", and each of these terms has a special meaning for them.

  * My reaction is :

           In this kind of games, there are a lot of risks that might happen any time such as injuries, or even death. These games have become the famous games that people watch today, and people like to see that game which has some excitement and risk, because always risks attract their attention, and also today these games which have risks are developed, like"rodeo", and they have come to have some levels of risks, and this kind of games causes some dangerous injuries. I believe that these games are very exciting to watch; however, it is very dangerous to encourage these players to practice these games on purpose for fun, or enjoyment.  

Team to Clean Up Everest

Main Idea

      In “Nepalese Sherpa Leads Climb to Clean Up Everest,” Nepalese veteran mountaineer Apa, also known as Apa Sherpa, has climbed Everest a record 20 times. His expedition is destined to clean the waste from the top of Everest. Team climbers are determined to clean up and withdraw approximately 4000 kilograms of litter accumulated by the impact of climbers over the years. Litter has accumulated since climbing the mountain for the first time. They will be paid $ 1.40 for each kilogram that is removed. Speaking about the environment he said, “I want to do this for my country, my people and for Everest.”


     Apa left the veteran climber to summit Everest. He will organize a clean up drive to the top of Everest.  He is doing humanitarian work; it helps to protect the environment. We have accumulated garbage for approximately 60 years, since 1953, and it includes oxygen tanks, ropes and tents. All of that is unfortunate. I wished to be with him on this journey for two reasons. First, I want to climb Everest. Second, I want to be part of the team who cares about clean environment.

World of Sports Doping; from the laboratory to the playing field

         World of Sports Doping; from the laboratory to the playing field shows that steroids can have bad effects on famous players and your body. In addition, steroids cause a problem in the sports games and olympics. Steroids look like drugs, so people who are taking steroids get depression. The news said that steroids has a lot of problems and suggests solutions.

         Many sports player really want to be famous stars in their sports, but it is not easy. They are going to stay alive in the competition. So, they are trying to do what competitors do to win. Steroids are one easy way. For example, one Korean baseball player has used steroids for his player life and he won many titles. Before retiring, he disgraced his career, because he used banned drugs(steroids). His body became worse quickly, so he focused on his career. I think that for a sports player, are important their career and title, but I think that fair play is more important in the fields and stadiums. Therefore, each moot sports organizations should be thoroughly investigated and should prohibit using steroids. Then we will see a great sports game and our children will also learn fair play from their playing in the games.

Title Nine

        In " Studies Link Girls Sports to Gains in Life," which is in VOA site, the author says one  of the government programs named Title Nine covers any education or activity program, such as sports at high school. It gives funds to the students so they can join the team sports. After it became law, the number of participants began to rise. That is because sports have positive effects on women's life, their health, work, and study became better than before. As we see, Title Nine gave girls a chance not just to be equal with boys at the level of sport, but also to improve their lives.

       In my opinion, I found programs like these are very helpful, useful, and have benefits to a person's life. I think it will be good if it includes all education levels, from the elementry to graduate, not just for
high school. That progrem seems like a lot of  Ministry of  Education programs in my home country that are supporting student talents. It gives them funds and trains them in training programs. That is because they will not help them selves only, they also will help to develop their country. I agree with programs like this, especially for poor people who cannot join any education or activity field .

The Shark

 I read in the passage, " Shark Diving and Feeding Raises Concerns, for Sharks and Divers. it  was talking about the shark". It had some facts and advice. It was a point about how it is a hazard to saturate the underwater world, or exist nearby it, especially the shark. Also, it explains how to be away from their down side; in addition, it gives an example for people who had died because of it. Another thing, the people became scared of it in the recent years, and there were some people who took the benefit of the shark in different way.

I agree with the author. The shark has some advantages and disadvantages, and maybe its disadvantages are more, but the shark doesn’t hurt anyone if we don’t bother him or  have presence in its area. I think that is a general trend. If anyone feels dangerous or sees strangers he will show natural reaction to protect himself. In my opinion, those people who want to swim near  the shark because they like it or just for adventure even take the benefit of it; they should know when and how they do it. Furthermore, so if we like to do some exciting and new things in our life to feel the sweetness of life we should notice not harm ourselves.

         In " Something a bone will never say: give me a break," I read that there are many kinds of fractures which means broken bones. There are a single fracture, complete fracture and bowing fracture which happens when the bone does not break. The most dangerous kind is open fracture because there is a risk of infliction in the open wound, and it happens when the bone breaks the skin. When the bone is broken, the person might feel sick, cold, dizzy and shock. The fracture must be fixed quickly to avoid complications. Sometimes fracture needs a doctor to treat it; after that it will start to repair itself. Finally, bones need calcium, vitamin D and exercises to be strong.

        In my opinion the broken bones are very dangerous, but the severity varies from one kind to another. The person who has a fracture must wear a splint. This splint will disable his movement for a month at least. Bones must be strong by having enough calcium and vitamin D. Finally, we must protect our bones from unsafe sports, and any thing that causes an injury in it.     

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Steve Fossett; 100 World Records Setter

Can you imagine a person who achieved lots of marvelous records in different fields of sports like flying, ballooning, sailing, mountain climbing, running, swimming and more? That superman’s name was Steve Fossett, and “Adventurer Steve Fossett Set More Than 100 World Records in Five Different Sports” on was the story of him. He did not look like a remarkable challenger like Amelia Earhart, but the records that he achieved during the end of 20th century to early 21st century are really remarkable. Two famous records he established are the first solo flying and the first solo ballooning around the world. He achieved these records based on his physical, mental, and also financial strength. He was not only an adventurer but also a successful business person, so he paid for most of the cost of these challenges by himself. And it’s surprising that he achieved most of the records after he succeeded on his business, not on his youth. Unfortunately, he died from a plane accident suddenly in 2007, but his glorious records are still alive.

There are too many things to think or mention about such a great person, but I try to focus on the reason why he wanted to do many challenges. First of all, he might have been a person who was eager to breakthrough something at any time. Most people have desire to overcome challenging things; however, his desire might have been bigger than the others by far, and his experiences of achievement may have driven him more eagerly. Second, he might have had an aspect of a risk taker. Like most risk takers, he thought that he carefully reduced risks before he tried to do something, but what he had done was still too risky for most people to do. Anyway, I think his physical strength is a good model for us, especially in the business area. I want to follow him, but I don’t prefer any risks!

The Snow Business' present situation in US

             In the United States of America, about one hundred seventy thousand people ski or snowboard per year; however,the number of visitor has decreased in recent years because of weather including global warming. To keep them, the ski resort area manager tries some ways. When snow’s condition is not good, they use computers and check the weather, then use snow making machines. They have to care about safety in where it’s easy to happen to the accidents, too. The satellite is operated to find people when avalanches come. The amusement in which we play with nature involves risks for manager, and visitor too.

              I was surprised because I didn’t know that many Americans enjoy winter sports. Actually, when I went snowboarding in St. Louis, there are only whites; I don’t know why, so there were not so many people. And then, I’ve seen the snow making machine for the first time, but it didn’t work at that time. It’s bigger than I thought. I agree that ski and snowboard include risks. If it is crowded, people may hit each other, or people fall down and may be break bones. I fell down, slipped off on the snow and unfortunately, I was hit my head on the snow making machine. I think it seems that manager does their best to keep safety; we also have to follow the rule and enjoy it.

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The Apple Which Carries Happiness

              It was a warm day in spring. The yellow taxies passed through the skyscrapers. The sun was able to be watched in the west sky. It was always crowded. Two young people were looking for a cafe where they could spend a good time. The tall girl said, “Why didn’t you research a good place yesterday?”  The man said, “I’m sorry, Kathy,” and didn’t say any more. Three years have passed since they started dating when they were seniors in high school. Everyone envies them as a well-matched couple. He really loves her; however, he couldn’t figure out if she loves him.

              They found the cafe at the corner and entered it. “How many?” “Two,” he answered and sat the in a chair beside her. He chose iced coffee but she was thinking of a green tea latte or café latte.  He thought she, who is thinking about the menu, is cute too.  The waitress came and said, “Are you ready?” When he looked up the waitress to order, he realized who she was. She was Christina who was his previous girlfriend when they were junior high school students. “Are you Jack!? Oh my…How are you?” She also recognized him. They forgot to order and chatted for a short time. Kathy, who didn’t know her, was listening quietly with a smile. When he saw her smile, he felt kind of sad. “Does she really love me…?” After that, Jack and Cathy talked about a lot of things until the sky became dark, but his heart wasn’t there. When he paid the check, Christina gave him her mail address and whispered, “Please contact me.”

             After he took Cathy to her home, he sent a message to Christina. From then on, they kept in touch. She replied soon, different from Cathy. He was really having a good time. They talked about high school life when they didn’t know each other. The number e-mails to Cathy had decreased, and he hadn’t received any e-mails from her either; however, he didn’t lose love for her; actually when Christina invited him to dinner, he declined her. He was unclear as to what he should do.

              One day, he caught the flu and lied down in bed. He was lonely because he lived alone. He wasn’t in good state to cook dinner, so he ordered takeout. While he was waiting for some food, he posted a message on Facebook. “I caught the flu ;( Please bring some apples for me!” A few minutes later, he got a comment from Christina. “That’s too bad…After you are better, come to the café again. Take care!” He was so happy. However he didn’t get a comment from Cathy. “My best partner may be Christina not Cathy, after all,” he thought. Then the bell rang. He thought finally delivery person coming, and went to open the door. There was Cathy in front of him.

              “I brought many apples for you!!” she said with smile. He started crying. He noticed her love for him. She cared about him even while he e-mailed with Christina. He blamed himself about why he couldn’t understand her love. She wondered at his reaction and embraced him and said “What’s happened? You are so lonely, aren’t you? Don’t worry! I’m always next to you.”

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James Hardship

James Hardship

          There is someone called James, who was 19 years old, and very smart. He left Chicago with his poor parents; in addition, he hopes to complete his education, then look for a good job that would help his parents get rid of poverty. At that time his dream was to graduate from SIU in Carbondale; however, the problem was that he couldn’t pay the tuition fees. Accordingly, he wasn’t excited significantly for that matter; however, one night while he was sleeping, he saw an ugly scene in his dream. He saw each of his parents die one by one because of hunger, so he woke up quickly, and he almost lost his breathing because of the fear. So he had to make a difficult decision, which was to work in order to pay for his education costs. He began looking for any job that could help him raise some money. Next he found work in a huge car company; however, the salary that he got was not enough to pay for his education. However, he continued working at this company because he didn’t have another solution. Soon, he knew everything about cars such as the kinds of cars and their prices. One day when the owner of this company came to visit his company, he saw James working hard, and he impressed by James work as a representative sales, James worked with enthusiasm and dedication; consequently, the owner of the company called James over to asked him some questions. After a while James came to the owner office. Then when James saw the owner was smiley, he felt comfortable about this meeting. The owner asked James to sit, and he began to ask him about his qualifications and how much money he was earning in this company, also he asked him about his parent’s financial condition. James responded all these questions; furthermore, he told the owner about everything that he wanted to do. As a result, the owner decided to help James complete his education, and pay all the tuition fees for him, but the owner asked James to come back and work in his company for at least at least after he had finished his education. James agreed to this deal, then he was very happy about the owner’s decision. Next James started studying at SIU, after four years he graduated from the University and he came back to work at the company, also he got an interesting position as a boss for the company; furthermore, he got a high salary from this job, after that he transferred his parents from the poverty to the richness, so he bought a nice mansion for his parents, then he got married and improved his life to one of happiness.

The First Job Interview

Sara was sleeping in her comfortable bed. She was embracing her soft pillows. Some of the sunbeams enter the room through the white curtain. It was mid August 2007, 9:50 in the morning, in a quiet street at the tip of the city. In the third house from the beginning of the street, Sara and her husband John are living for 3 years. They met each other for the first time at her best friend’s birthday. She was running with her friends; however, by mistake, she spilled juice on his clothes. She continued apologizing all the time; nevertheless, he just laughed. After that day, they liked each other and they had been seeing each other for a long time; as a result, they got married.

It was 10:00 am; Sara just woke up and hurried down stairs to see if her husband was still home. She was rubbed her eyes. She called him but he was gone. She entered the bathroom and washed her face and cleaned her teeth in only two minutes. She dressed, and put her hair up; in addition, she stood in front of the mirror and put some makeup on quickly. She was so nervous. It was the day of  her first job interview, and she must go early. It is 10:15; the interview will begin at 11:00 am.

She tried to call her husband but there was no signal. She checked her wallet, but unfortunately, there was not enough money to get a ride by taxi. She looked from the window to see if her neighbor Suzan went to work. She saw her car in front of her house. She was so happy. She must still be at home. Sara can’t believe, finally, she will go to the interview. She harried and knocked on her neighbor’s door several times, but no one responded, “God, there is some noise inside” she said, after a while, her neighbor’s husband opened the door. She said, ” Hi, my husband has gone and I need someone to drive me to my interview if you do not mind, please?” He said, “I’m sorry, this car doesn’t work; consequently, Suzan has gone with our son.”

She went back to her home, but she did not give up. She called her husband again, but he still had no signal. She called her friends, but all of them were working, so they could not help her. She went to her room and started to take off her clothes, yet she heard some sounds downstairs. Her husband came back, for he forgot some important documents for his work; however, he was surprised when he saw her because he thought that she went to her interview. Finally, he took her to the interview. As soon as she arrived, they called her name. She did well in the interview; as a result, she got the job and impressed the employers.

At this time 2012, her family grew up. She has two beautiful daughters, and she is running and operating her own business. Every day she wakes up early because she does not want to be late ever. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

At 11:30 on the street

John is 20 years old.  He is an outgoing man.  He is a College student in his second year.  He was tall when he was in high school; as a result, his friends called him Michael Jordan because he is tall and his face was similar to  Michael Jordan’s face.  John’s father encouraged him to  join the basketball team to play and become famous like Michael Jordan. However, he does not like to play basketball, he likes math more than basketball.  He is good at math.  He feels happy when he tries to find solutions for mathematical problems.  His dream was to be a mathematician.  To achieve his dream, John is majoring in math at the University of Chicago. 
One day he was studying and reviewing for a math exam in his favorite coffee shop.  After a long time of studying he could not find the result to one of the mathematical problems. As a result, he decided to go to his house because the coffee shop would be closed after 30 minutes and that was not enough time to find the result. Consequently, he left the coffee shop around 11:30 p.m  to go to  his house.  He did not have a car and his friend was busy, so he decided to walk to his house.  While he was on his way to his house, he put on his headphones to listen to his favorite singer.  The road was empty and dark; however, the moon illuminated the place.  As he was walking he felt someone come out of the dark.  After a long time a stranger was still following him.  Then the fear seemed to infiltrate his body.  John seemed to speed up his footsteps away from him, but the unidentified man was approaching him much faster.  John thought to call police or his friend; however, when he was trying to call, his cell phone turned off, so the battery ran out of power.  As a result, he could not believe that, and the unidentified man called out to John; however, John ignored the unidentified man.  Suddenly, the unidentified man seemed to touch John’s shoulder.  The unidentified man knew John was afraid and said “I didn’t come to kill you or steal your money.  I came here to give you your wallet.”  John was happy because he found his wallet, and thanked the unidentified man. After that, John invited the man for cup of a coffee in his house.  They went together to John’s house, and talked about their lives?  John told  the man, "I am a college student and I have problem with one of the Mathematical issues.  I can not do it .''  The man smiled and said, “My name is Dr. Smith.  I am a mathematician at North Western University.”  He offered his services to John to help him solve the problem since he had the required information.  John agreed to accept some of the help.  The next day, John took the test and got a high score  in mathematics.  After that, they met many times to help each other and  the two became friends.   Now,John knows that he should not judge a person from the first interview or meeting.

Make a Wish

I sat in a Starbucks coffee shop; furthermore, I looked outside the noisy city. The little snowflakes were fluttering, I drank the last piece of warmth coffee; accordingly, I decided to go home. When I opened the door, I felt the downtown chill. I put on my coat, and left the coffee shop. I walked along the road. The sky was reflecting a little bit lightly. I listened to romantic music, for I missed my girlfriend.

Soon after I crossed the road, for I chose that way go home; as a result, I reached home quickly. This road was very quiet; in addition, the roadside had a lot of trees. They were neatly arranged. I vaguely saw several villas behind the trees. These villas were like castles in the movie, I heard the music and I thought, when will I get own castle? At this moment, my mp3 player was out of battery; consequently, I heard uproariously city. Then I heard the wind singing and the snowflakes dancing. I was afraid, for I heard heavy steps close to me. I considered someone follow me. 

Suddenly, I turned around, but nobody. I found a man standing in front when I turned around; in addition, he had a pair of big blue eyes, no hair and his body was like the sky. "What's your name? What's up man?" I asked aggressively. He smiley said, "I am Avatar. I came from another planet. I am friendly. Please don't be afraid. You were lucky boy; similarly, I will give you a gold crystal ball. You can make a wish. The crystal ball can help you achieve your dream. " "Really?" I asked curiously. A split second, he disappeared; accordingly, I looked at the ball carefully. I found the ball really beautiful. Then, I saw avatar in the ball; in addition, he said, "you should make a wish. The ball exists five minutes." "If you don't make a wish; as a result, my planet would perish." He said. "What's your planet name? Where? How can we go to your planet?" I asked. "It's a secret. I don't tell you and I'm sorry about that. Please quickly make a wish." He said serious. "I need to go home, for I have to make a good wish." I said nervously, "Moment, I took the sun ball to my bedroom. I closed the door quickly, and I made a wish." 

Wake up! Wake up! My mother said. Hurry up! You were late. I realized nothings broken. Originally I made a dream. I forgot the wish, I hope avatar’s planet everything is great!

The farewell

      It started when he decided to go study abroad in the United States of America. Max has a beautiful wife called Natasha. They were from Saudi Arabia – the eastern region – Qatif city, where everybody there is friendly,happy, and helpful people. Qatif is one of the most important cities in Saudi Arabia, because it’s being counted as one of the biggest oil resources  in Saudi Arabia.  Max has a big family surround him. They support and inspire him. After he had graduated from the college of technology, he started working in a steel company as steel maker. He is an ambition person; as a result, he decided to get more education to get a higher position in his career. His father encouraged him all the time. When Max talked to his father about going faraway to study, his father directly gave him the ‘green sign.’ Max started applying for his visa, and getting ready for his long journey; however, the problem started when his wife and he realized that they will not be together. He started telling her that everything is ok, it’s not a big deal to be so sad. Natasha showed that she had no problem, but she was so sad in the inside. He wanted to make it up to her, so they went to Dubai, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Max was so afraid of going far away, leaving his love, friends, and also he his family.

Count started going down, it was the time to leave. His family and his wife decided to go with him to say goodbye. They got inside the car, but Natasha and his mother were looking unhappy. Max saw their tears on their faces. He thought it was just the tears of farewell, so it would not be longer. They got to the airport, but they got there so early. He wanted to spend more time with his family instead of waiting to get on the plane alone. They found a great place to sit in. His mother was hiding her grief, but Natasha was not. They were setting close to each other; in addition, exchanging words. Max was trying to make her calm down, so he decided to talk about the greatest memories they had ,such as their engagement party and many funny things that happened in that period of time. They were remembering the old days, things that made them laugh. Suddenly Max`s flight was delayed for an hour. Natasha was so happy, because she could spend more time with her soul mate.   They decided to walk around, to waste time while they are walking and talking. The call for his trip, as soon as they heard the call, they started looking into each other`s eyes. It was the time to leave. They went back to their family to say bye. Every thing was cool till Max got in front of his mother. With no sight, the mother was holding her son`s hands, kissing his tiny cheeks, and advising him. It would be a long and far destination. Max started feeling something trying to prevent him of going away, but he didn’t know what going to happen next. When he looked at Natasha, she was already crying. He took her from her hands, and tried to remove her tears. He embraced her twice, but she couldn’t stop crying. At that moment, Max felt that he was about to cancel his trip, because he couldn’t  leave her alone. They made a kind of discussion to make a decision about leaving the country, or staying together. Natasha said to him ‘I want you to go, because it’s your goal getting more education to get succeed.’ She also said’ honey, do not care about anything, just go.’ She also said’ you are in my heart all the time. ‘Max said’ I will not forget you. I will try to bring you as soon as I can.’  It was the last call for the trip. Max had to go; he grabbed his hand from her hand with a sad expressions. He looked at her eye and he said ‘I can’t say good bye, because I will see you soon.’  He left her with a farewell moment. Max arrived to the USA.After two days, he went directly to the ISO’ International Students Office’ to get all the stuff that he needed to bring Natasha. He got all the documents, and then he went to the nearest FedEx branch to send them to his lovely Natasha. She has received them, and she applied for her visa. Right nowthe couple is waiting for the moment of their meeting.
Done by Jassim A.Wahab.

The Girl And The Mysterious Man

There was a nice story in the downtown of a beautiful coastal city; it is famous for its civilization and beauty of nature. Behind the skyscrapers, there was an outdoor café, can sense of the cold night breeze, inside it a girl sat. She had a warm feature, innocent eyes, a tiny nose and cherry lips. Her name was Susie. She left her hometown in Vietnam, for she wanted to complete her education. Every weekend she visited her parents. She lived in the students’ accommodation. Her room was so sweet. It was painted in pink, and it had a lot of posters, pictures and quote. She studied at a university in the third level; in addition, she was very diligent student. She came to this coffee shop, to complete her work before she went to her home.
 One day she ended her duties early, and she left the coffee shop. She was going to go to the marriage ceremony of her friend. Suddenly she felt someone followed her. The time was 11:00 p.m .The place was quiet. A few people walked in a terrifying way, it had no light, there was only a reflection of moonlight, and the weather was cold. She felt a shudder in her body. She started to be afraid. She didn’t know what to do. She took a taxi. She went to her friend party. She saw her friends; she had not seen them for a long time. They talked about their previous days. They danced; furthermore, they ate dinner together, so they had a great time. At that interesting time, she forgot the person who was following her.
 After the party ended, she rode a bus; however, the bus was crowded. She had to stop between lots of men. She remembered that man, but she didn’t know how he looks like. When the bus stopped, she ran quickly. She was very tense and tired, so she walked in the wrong direction. She entered a narrow dark way. Within minutes, a huge shadow for man back. She continued to run. Unfortunately, there was a wall which blocked the way. She thought, she must jump over it to protect her life, but she was afraid of heights. She overcame her fear. She closed her eyes, and jumped. He was still behind her. When she walked quickly or slowly, he did the same. She became suspicious about him. She encouraged herself, and she decided to find out who he is.
 She stopped, and she asked him aggressively. “What do you want from me?” “You forgot your wallet at the coffee shop, and I tried to return it to you” he said. She turned. She looked at him. He was a gentle, handsome man. He had a long skinny body, big muscles and big beautiful brown eyes. She didn’t know what to say, and her heart beat accelerated. She felt a strong feeling inside her. There was silence between them, and their eyes started to talk. The sound of thunder interrupted their talk. “Oh my gosh! It starts to rain” he said. He brought her to his car, until it stops raining. He introduced himself to her. I am Tom; I am 29 years old. I work at B.M ccompany; I live with my twin brother.
His brother was very different from him. He was thickset. He had a round face, red cheeks, and curly blond hair. Also, he was very fun. He has a lot of friends because of his nice personality. Susie also introduced herself. They were talking transparently, as if they had known each other from a long time.
 After a while, the rain stopped. He took her to her house, and gave her his cell phone number. Both of them didn’t sleep that day. They were thinking about each other. The next day morning, Tom gave Susie a ride to her university, and invited her to eat lunch together in the afternoon. They were excited about that meeting. They calculated the hours, minutes and seconds. After that long day, they went to a nice restaurant. It overlooked the sea. The place was warm, romantic with a dim lighting and classical music. Their emotions were shown; as a result, they  fell in love.
Over time, they were going to that coffee shop permanently, and they helped each other in their duties. They had an intimate relationship. Tom asked Susie to spend rest of her life with him; consequently, she accepted him. She was overjoyed. They decided to marry after Susie finishes her studies. She worked hard. She wanted to finish as fast she could. Tom supported her, and he was a strong motivated for her.
Finally, after Susie graduated, they got married. They had a large unique party, so they invited all the people they know. They had a nice family. They lived happily forever.

The Night of Horror

Sitting in a corner, I was looking at the raindrops on the small window of café. It was September 27th, the time when the rainy weather tells us that the winter is coming. After a  long day of work, I always prefer to have a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop which is in a bad part of town; consequently, in that place people are attacked or stolen from by  thieves. But the hospitality of the coffee shop with the beautiful smell of coffee which is offered made me prefer it more than any café in the town.
I left the café to take a short walk in the rain before I went to my house. It was a dark night at  11p.m when stores start to close. It was a quiet moment except for the sound of rain drops like clapping hands at graduation. Suddenly, the sound of steps behind me seemed like they were following me! I went to right, left; however, the steps still followed me. I looked behind. He was a man as tall as a tree, who wore a black coat, putting his hand in his pocket. He look as if he was hiding something. He doesn't look serene. I couldn't recognize him or see his face except his glasses because of the dark. The road was empty except for a few cars which didn't hide the steps' sound.

The questions started to attack my mind. Why would anyone want to follow me? What did he want from me? Did my husband hire him to watch me? Did he hold a gun or knife? Did he want to kill me? But why me? I have never tried to hurt anyone. Why does he want to hurt me? What should I do now? Oh God, protect me.

I took my cell phone from my purse trying to call my husband. I knew how much he was jealous, but he still worried about me. "The phone number you called is closed now, try again later." I completely forgot. He told me he has a work meeting until 12:30p.m. Let's try with some friends. They were always asking about me. If I need some help or any advice, I found them around me. Wait a second, they're all out of town. Oh no, who could help me. Yes, I found someone. Judy, my neighbor. I know she'll help me. She has never refused me any request. Her phone rang. Come on Judy answer please. " Hello." Her voice didn't sound good, but I started to talk. "I'm sorry, I know it's late, but I need your help …." She interrupted me quickly," I can't. My son hurt himself when he was playing. I'm in the hospital with him now. Sorry." Her words threw me completely. I was lost. She was my only hope.

I wished I had called a taxi before I left the café instead of taking a short walk; however, that doesn't matter now. I must disappear from his eyes. So I jogged. "Hey mum, wait," he said. His voice was thunder on my ears. My steps grew faster and faster. I ran as fast as I could and my heart was beating wildly. Finally, I entered a narrow alleyway which was a dead end. " I'm done," I said with interruptive breaths.

The sound of the rain was strong like bells' sounds telling the world my time of death. He's coming. He was becoming closer and closer. My feet were frozen. With all the fear I felt, I couldn't cry; nevertheless, I still had some hope and I grasped it strongly. "Finally, you stop," he said with an angry voice. " What do you want from me?" I said carefully. " I don't even know you." He entered his hand in his pocket. He tried to get something out then faced it on me. Could it be a weapon? 

I couldn't see anything except some shadows." Why did you run and let me chase you? I just want to give you this. You forgot your wallet when you left the coffee shop," he said. My wallet? Now I remember. Yes he's right. When I was paying my bill at the counter, the old lady fell on the floor; thus, I left my wallet at the counter to helped her. Then I left the café without a thought about my wallet.

I realized now why he was follow me all this time. I had thought badly about him, but he just wanted to return my wallet to me. This taught me a lesson; I should stop and face him to know what he wanted instead of run away from him. That would have saved scared feelings. Lastly, I thanked him for the municipality he had. I never forgot that night which was so similar to the horror movies I have been seen.   

Slippery Way

When I looked at the clock, it showed me that it was nearly nine o’clock. I was stupid from sleep then, but my view became clear within a moment. The outside of the window showed me a sunny view but white world. The snow on the ground was shining, and a pond had frozen over. “Oh, no! I’m going to be late!” I shouted and jumped out of bed, and rushed into the bathroom. I washed my face, put on a suit, gathered and packed all the things into the baggage, put on a coat quickly and ran out from the room.

It was a very important day for me because I was going to have a job interview for an airline company in Chicago; in addition, this was the company I wished to join the most. I came to the United States from Korea, and I had learnt English and aeronautics for over 6 years. I wanted to join an airline company in the United States because the U.S. airline company led the airline business of the world. I saw most of my friends already had gotten their job, but I kept pushing myself to study hard to realize my dream.
While I took an elevator down to the ground floor, I regretted that I made a wrong choice to make a reservation for this hotel. It was comfortable, but it was not near to the central part of the city. I decided to stay in this hotel easily because it looked nice for its price, and it was near to the airport. I thought that the job interview took place in or near to the airport. Though I realized that the job interview took place in the central part of the city before yesterday, I didn’t change the hotel because I thought it was trouble to make another reservation; furthermore, I thought that it wasn’t difficult to get to the company by waking up early. I also regretted that I didn’t wake up early. I was so nervous by thinking of the job interview that I could not fall asleep until the break of dawn last night. I felt a headache caused by a lack of sleep. I cursed myself to be so careless.
When I checked out with getting irritated at the front desk, I noticed that there was no bill left in my purse. I paid the room charge by credit card, and I rushed out from the entrance with my credit card grasping. In order to get a taxi, I ran for the roadway, but I fell down on the ground at once. The sidewalk had been completely frozen. As I held my body by touching the ground, I didn’t get injured. But my credit card was completely broken in front of me. It broke into pieces, and it seemed not to be usable. Worse than that, it was the only credit card then; consequently, I lost all means of payment. I realized that I could not take a taxi.
I got confused. I stood up quickly and started to run again. Anyway, I thought that I had to get closer to the company though it was an impractical idea to go the company by running. I ran along an alley, and I got to the roadway. I kept running along the roadway to the direction of the central part of the city. I tried to lift my thumb to hitch a ride while I was running, but no one cared about me. It was reasonable if I kept my right mind. I had no signboard to show where I would like to go. It was an urban area. Hitchhiking was illegal in this state. And what is more, a man running with his thumb up must have looked eccentric.
When I came to a crossing, I stopped running. While I waited for traffic lights, two cars crashed right in front of me. It looked like the cars skidded and crashed because the road was frozen. Cars were bent terribly, and it seemed that the drivers must have got injured. By seeing such a terrible accident, I recovered my consciousness. I looked at my watch, and I realized that I was hardly able to get to the job interview on time. I decided to give up trying to get to the job interview, and I also decided to help the victims of the car accident. I called an ambulance and the police.
Fortunately, some ambulances and patrol cars came there very quickly. After I saw ambulance attendants and police officers dealing with the accident, I sat down on the ground, for I was relieved and exhausted. And then I lay down on the grass. I was out of energy. My face must have been pale because of exhaustion and despair.
Suddenly, a new ambulance came and stopped in front of me, and an ambulance attendant jumped out and asked me, “Are you all right?” I was too tired to respond, so I said nothing and gestured for him to go away. Against my expectation, he said,“OK, you will be all right,” and he called other attendants and loaded me on an ambulance in an instant. The ambulance started to run with sounding the siren right away. I got confused again on the ambulance. It took almost no time to get to the hospital. The ambulance ran fast and it never stopped until it got to the hospital.
When the back door opened, there was a view of skyscrapers close to me. The hospital was very near from the central part of Chicago. I looked at my watch and confirmed that there were a few minutes left for the job interview. I seemed to be barely on time. I jumped out from the ambulance, said, “Thank you very much!” for the shocked attendances, and started to run again on the sidewalk. “What a lucky day!” I shouted. I felt very happy then. In addition, I was glad of my idea of an excuse to be at the last minute on the job interview. I thought that the interviewer would excuse me if I said that I helped the ambulance attendants and police officers at the accident. I thought that I would give a good impression to say that. I felt light on my feet, and my steps became gradually longer. Suddenly, my sight turned up into the blue sky. I slid and fell down on the ground again.
I saw the view of the skyscrapers getting far from the back window of an ambulance. I was too numb to say or to gesture something when I was loaded into the ambulance again. I didn’t want to think about anything, but my consciousness became gradually clear. My leg was aching. It must have been broken. I had neither money nor credit card, so I had no way to pay the cost of treatment and the cost to go back to my home. But most of all, the fact that I fell down from the greatest chance to get a job made me get fed up. The way to get a job is a very hard and slippery one.