Thursday, November 30, 2006

Weblog Assignment #5

Last one- same rules as before! Good luck!
Gen YU Radio, MySpace
Teens hang out at MySpace
MySpace counter, links and comments
Fight Spam!
Internet addiction test
The Nigeria Scam- a page that fights it
Internet Scam Archive
Children and television: Turn off your tv
PlayStation 3 page
Second Life weblog

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Weblog Assignment #4

Just like the other three. Remember: be sure to link to your site. If you have trouble making the link work, get help. Here are some places to choose from:
Princess Diana
Lindsay Lohan crashes into paparazzi,26334,1556285,00.html
Madonna vs. paparazzi
Monica Lewinsky LInks page
Boss Tweed page
search engine optimization

Color Associations


I visited this web site Color Associations. The website shows you the differences between the colors, and what feeling that each color gives you. Also each color can symbolize many things in our life. For example, the red color symbolizes strength, health, danger and holiday. The web site has information sources.

In my opinion, the good thing is that this website teaches you what the color symbolizes. This website is very useful; after I read this article I knew why my favorite color is yellow. In addition, the website has sources which are good for the readers.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Color Associations

went to web set Color Associations the site let know about how to organize the colors also how to link colors together. When the colors mix together that mean some things in our life. The web set give us information what colors mean when they mixture. Red, blue and yellow are primary colors, and the rest are mixture of these.

In my opinion, the web set is good but the web set should give us more information and add pictures for each colors is different from other. As for me, I love to watch the leaves as they color during autumn. Therefore, I think the web set should change its design

Mazen AE2A

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Today's best cartoon

I visited today's best cartoon which is about political cartoons. This site has same pictures that describe some political issues and some men who work in politics. This website has good design and is easy to use. Also, you can send some pictures to your friend in email.

In my opinion, this website is useful to know how people think in politics and know their opinion about political issues. I recommend to people who want know about politics to visit this website.


josh Wolf

I visited a website Josh Wolf which is about Josh Wolf. He is 24 years old and now he has spend 2 months in a california prison. He is in prison because the federal prosecutor wants video footage from him. This site has some pictures of Josh wolf. Also,it has some links their belong to him,and you can sign up and addsome comment.

In my opinion, this site is useful to people who want to know about Josh Wolf and about his problem. I recomend their people visit this website.


political cartoon

To the best of my knowledge, the mass media is influencing people to change their opinion. When people watch programs on TV, the political cartoons talkaboutsomething all about our opinion as a political cartoon. According from an article me read the political cartoons have inspiration, symbol, allusions and humor.Therefore, I think political cartoons have influence in today’s media. When I watch political cartoon I saw inspiration, symbol, allusions and humor.

First, the political cartoons do much to inspire us about something that the cartoons themselves aim at persuading people to believe them. This persuasion can even pertain to Prime ministers of countries and weather people should vote for them. Inspiring encourages people to think about the right way about a situation, for example, when people watch a political cartoon about their president doing something in their countries, people don’t vote for them in an election.

Second, the political cartoon uses a recognizable item to communicate an idea as a symbol. I think the symbol is very important in a political cartoon because it describes the graphic illustration of an idea. Illustration is often more useful than definition for giving the meaning of a word to explain, so the political cartoon uses this. The political cartoon is used to show the relative positions so that people can understand the mean idea, for example, when we watch a political cartoon that uses a caricature of a person’s face, voice and behavior, we know that caricature stresses certain features in order to amuse or ridicule.

Finally, the political cartoon is full of political allusions so that people can know how take a hint from a political cartoon.The political cartoons always use popular literature for us to know about politics. Cartoons also use history for people so we realize and their.

In conclusion, there are many reasons that political cartoons influence it people’s opinions, So I think the political cartoon has good experience in this situation, it also has modern methods to tell us what happened in the world. The political cartoon has a good approach to show us background about politics.

Mazen AE2A

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Weblog Assignment #3

Same as the last ones: choose one you like; tell what's on it, and tell what you think, linking to it.
Truman vs. Dewey: story of the greatest misinformation (1948)
Fight Spam on the Internet
screen spam
color associations
color associations
color association and different cultures, especially Native American
25 urban legends (internet rumors that aren't true)
Web Advertising awards in every field

Josh Wolf


I visited this web site. It is an organized web log. Josh Wolf's supporters can communicate with him. He responds to them. Sometimes, his responses are short. He provides some details other times.

In my opinion, this web site encourages Josh a lot. However, he needs to mention his story. For example, someone visits this web log for the first time, but he will not find anything about Josh's main story.

Broadcast yourself

I went to web set you tube that is place for people to use in new ways with video by sharing, give comments and viewing video. The web set starts by personal video sharing service and has grown into an entertainment destination with people watching more than 70 million videos on the sit daily.

In my opinion,
It great web set because people can share videos in the all of the world.
The web set makes videos public so that people can show their video to many people. In this web set everyone can find, join and create video group to connect with people have similar interests so I think the web set is useful for people have hobbies’ and interests.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Muhammad cartoons controversy

I went to web set about Muhammad cartoon controversy which talking about picture of Islamic Prophet Muhammad that picture has a lot of discuss between Denmark and the Middle East because the people think that newspaper attack the good reputation of Muhammad .the newspaper said” the right to speak in public without interference from anyone”. The cartoon has many countries disagree about the picture of Muhammad.

In my opinion that bad thing talk about any religions and make funny of any Prophet. The newspaper should respect any religions also; the writing in any newspaper should good experience, knowledge, good judgments etc…


the mass media

In my opinion, the mass media is good, because they give us more information about life, so that people can know about everything such as weather, news, health etc….

First, the mass media can teach people about right and wrong way. Therefore, the people do well in their life also the people well- informant about their situation.

Second, the mass media is use to tell what happened in the world, so that people can know about everywhere.It made important scientific discoveries to reveal for people.

Finally, the mass media is use to help people everywhere, for example, in parts of countries that have suffered from famine so the mess media tells us about them to help in.

In conclusion, for these reasons and many other reasons the mass media is the best way for people to know about everything.


Weblog Assignment #2

Josh Wolf Josh Wolf's website
Josh Wolf on Flickr (pictures & links)
free josh wiki- his supporters try to get him out of jail

Online rumors
as a problem- in South Korea (article)
as a problem-in China (article)

file sharing
you tube- video sharing
napster-music sharing
allofmp3 - (cheap & illegal music- Russian site)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

political cartoons

Raed ALHamad

political cartoons

I visited this web site politicalcartoons. it is political cartoons. It has in front the best cartoons today. It is joking about the president. Also it is joking about TV news. It has American cartoonists, Canadian cartoonists and World wide cartoonists. It has every day's best cartoon. That is some of what i saw on this website.

In my opinion, it is very bad. A political cartoon is not just a picture, i agree with our reading: "it's a graphic illustration of an idea. The purpose is propaganda, not art". Also it is hooting about personage. There many reasons why i think it is very bad