Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Media

Mohamad alwheeb

Now many people use the media to watch, or to read or to listen. My favorite
media is the radio. The radio is one of several media in the world. It is one of
the oldest media, which can be use in our cars, homes, and offices. It is cheap
and easy to use. I like it and it is my favorite.

The radio can be us while we are working or driving. This is the fastest
media to listen for the news. We can use it in our cars, or home, or offices. We
can know about the world without effort and quickly. Just turn on the radio and
listen. The radio is the most available media in the world now.

If we ask anybody what the cheapest media is, he will surely say the radio.
We can buy the radio at lower price. We can buy it at $5 or $10 dollar. Yes, I am
talking about the media machine. The radio comes in many sizes, styles, and
all of them are not expensive.

When I studied about the radio. I discovered that the radio was the easiest
media to use. The radio is the easiest because it is small, easy to operate and
easy to transport. We can find it everywhere. The radio is also the oldest
media, and we can’t live without it. It is important for anybody who likes the
news, or who has a lot of work, when we can’t search for the News.

I am happy to write an essay about radio, my favorite media. It is easiest,
fastest, cheapest, and the best media. I like that it has a lot of stations. I use it when I want to get new News. It helps me get information very easy and fast. I
like it a lot.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Favorite Media, The Internet

As time goes by, everything has changed, so has the media. At first, newspapers and magazines were the main media, and then TV and radio became the major media. More recently, the internet has become one of today’s media, so today’s media has become more various. Among them, people have their own favorite media. My favorite media is the internet because it is fast, easily accessible at any time, and has various contents.

First, the internet is faster than other media. The internet has no announcers, so it delivers the news faster than TV or radio. And the internet is also faster than the printed media such as newspapers or magazines because the internet delivers current news while the printed media delivers old news. Therefore the internet is the fastest way to get new information.

Second, the internet is easily accessible. I can get on the internet whenever I turn on my computer. If I need to get some information late at night, the internet is the answer because I can use it 24 hours. I can also use the satellite TV 24 hours, but it usually shows reruns late at night. In addition, we can use the internet on the streets thanks to the development of wireless internet. Therefore the internet is the media that I can easily access.

Third, the internet has various contents. Today the internet includes other media such as TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. I can watch some TV programs and movies, listen to radios, and read newspapers or magazines. Today’s advanced technology has made it possible. In addition, the internet has its own contents like weblog and internet communities where we can discuss today’s issues. Because of these factors, the internet has come to have various contents.

Today there are many kinds of media. Among them, the internet has three advantages that other media don’t have. It is the fastest and easily accessible media. Also it has various contents. For these reasons, I really enjoy using the internet.

AE2B Allen

#Writing Class#

#Writing Class#
summary /response
The spam

In the article “New Effort To Compat Spam” by Alon Anott, the author discusses several developments to shut off spam around the world. The author discusses also how spam is making the problems for people and commercial enterprises. In this article the author gives some example, for some countries, which try to stop the spam like Australia and United States, and what these countries do to stop the spam.

First of all, spam is a very dangerous and very bad thing because it is used by illegal companies which are looking for the people’s money. These companies try to get the money from the people by many ways including bad ways. For example many spams try to get your credit card information to steal your money when you want to buy any things from it.

Second, some spams have negative advertisement, which have a bad influence for many people especially the children. For example, some advertisement that the spams used have sexual subjects on it.

Third, the spams might hurt your computer. For example, many spams have viruses in them. So the spams can spread the viruses and hurt your computer.

Finally, the spams are very bad and very dangerous things. Some spams have negative advertisement for many people especially the children. The spams might hurt your computer with the viruses.

Arnott,A.(2006,Oct)New efforts to combat spam.CRN.
Abdulmajeed AE2 A

That's Blair and becks! No wait........


In the article, "That's Blair and Becks! No wait……." By Megan Lane, The author discusses how famous people can act and conduct themselves a way from the eye. His first point is it is rare to see the private life of the famous people, who lives with public eye. In addition, that is what we think we know about them, what is true, and what is wrong. According to the author famous people have a private life as we have and they act differently when they are away from the public.

Batil Alonazi
AE2 Section B
December 9, 2006
Essay One

We cannot ignore how important the media is in our lives, and how it affects everybody's life. Everyday we listen, read, and see many types of media. In the past, newspapers were the main tool of media and also the main source of information. Currently, another media tool, the internet, has become more efficient and more useful than any other media tool and it also helps businesses. You can find any kind of information you need at anytime and everywhere using the internet. It has helped me as an English student to improve my English ability. As a result of that, the internet is my favorite media tool.
First, the internet has simply beaten all other media tool. In the beginning of the last century, newspapers were the main media tool. Television came later to play a major role in media as the best entertaining and educational tool. Since the mid ‘90s, the internet has been competing with other media that offers entertainment, education and communication services. The internet has changed the way of doing business. It has helped companies reach more new customers, and also has helped customers find the best offers. You can buy whatever you want at the lowest price guaranteed with one click. Tow years ago, I used to go through the travel agencies to book flights and hotels, but once I started to book through the internet, I noticed that I could book the same flight at a 50% discount. My favorite travel website is Priceline. This website does not only offer low prices, but it also allows you to bid for your flight. The internet supports the media for up and developing businesses.
Second, I can find any kind of information I need at any time. I can search for information on the internet because of the large numbers of free search engines. Google is my favorite search engine to use to find information I need. I can search in Google for website images, map, movies, and books. On top of all these features, they offer you a free e-mail address with a capacity exceeding 2,000 megabytes to exchange information with others. Searching for information is very important on the internet.
Third, the internet helps me as an English student to improve my English ability. I can use it to practice grammar, and I can find grammar test online. I can use the internet’s free chat to speak with native speakers in English. I can practice for the TOEFL English exam to improve my ability .The internet helps me when I need to translate words from English to my first language with dictionary websites. I can increase my vocabulary and reading skill by using the internet. I recommend any student who is studying English to use the internet.
In conclusion, I cannot imaging myself living without the internet. It has helped me search for information. The internet has helped me to improve my English ability. I think many people like the internet because it is simply the most efficient media and communication tool at this time.

The mass media influence the people opinion

The mass media is the popular way to influence people’s opinion. There are many reasons to show how the mass media influences the people’s opinion.

First, the mass media is very popular. Many people use any form of it. That means it is easy to influence people’s opinion because many people use it. When any kind of mass media gives any opinion there are many people who agree with that. That is good for the opinion, which the mass media gave, because usually the people who agree with the opinion affect the people who don’t agree with the opinion, which the mass media was trying to arrive.

Second, the mass media usually uses a good way to show and express their opinion because when the people watch the opinion in the way that they like that attracted them to the opinion for example, when the media uses for the advertisement a famous person, that attracted the people to that advertisement.

Third, the mass media spreads the information and the opinion quickly. That is good for the opinions that the media gives. For example, when the some events happen, the media gives the opinion with good information for the opinion fast. This is influence the people toward the opinion.

In conclusion, the mass media is the popular way to influence the people’s opinion. That is because many people use it, it uses a good way to show the opinions and it spreads the information and the opinion quickly.

PRINCESS DIANA By Mahboob, Mohammed

I have visited here, which gives a full accurate account of events of what happened before, after and in-between the death of Princess Diana. In addition, it's a sort of some information about the accident and whether it was possible for it to be a normal accident or someone created it for them. Finally, they put the "key questions surrounding the Princess Diana conspiracy" and nobody can answer for those questions even now.

In my opinion, this web site gives a lot of good in information, some of which I agree with, and most of it confuses me. However, nobody can tell whether it is true that there if there are "anonyms" who did it or not. On the other hand, the greatest philanthropist Princess Diana are passed away and they are not going to change anything from the past. But defiantly she will be on our hearts forever.

NAPSTER By Mahboob, Mohammed

I visited this web site, which is a music-sharing site. In this site you can listen to and download an unlimited amount of music for $9.95 a month. Also you can share your music. All that you have to do is download the Napster software and install it. Then you can set up your account to subscribe, or purchase tracks or albums individually. The Napster software also helps you build and organize your music collection, whether it's subscription downloads, purchased tracks or music from your CDs. So with Napster you'll not need to buy CDs, all that you have to do is sign in and enjoy it.

In my opinion, this site is good for the music lovers of whom I'm one. That is because it saves my time to go out and look for the CD that I want, but with this web site I can have any song 24 hours a day without going out, and just click on the site to get it. Sometimes I buy the CD which I need just one song on, but on this web site I can have any song with no charge (just the monthly charge) so this way I'm also saving my money. And before I signed in to this site my songs folder was really crowded, but now it's turned to become on organized folder and it's become easier to find the song I need on it. In conclusion, it's worth it to pay $9.95 a month for the options that the site gives.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Political Cartoons by Jorge Padilla

According to Charles Press, in his book named The Political Cartoons, Fairleigh Dickinson, 1981, he defines: “The political cartoons are a unique creation--pictorial editorial and artistic social commentary. The medium of the political cartoon, which combines the political and the artistic with journalism, provides interested persons the chance to express their social concerns or political views creatively. It allows them to make social commentary beyond the boundaries of the written word. Most political cartoons are designed to influence viewers with regard to specific political events of the day" (Press, 14).

The political cartoons are part of the history of this country since the mid-19th century and have opened the space to opinion and public debate. These are in the main newspaper, magazines and in recent years on the Internet, which is published daily in the political news or editorial section. The political cartoons influence people’s opinion and help people change their thinking about specific political events, then influence their behavior about the government, decision and actions. The purpose of the political cartoons is propaganda.

According to Dustin Gardiner (2005) Lucia Rather “mentioned several instances in which political cartoons were very successful in starting or empowering a political movement or trend. For example, cartoonist Thomas Nast caused much of the initial criticism that led to the demise of the corrupt New York political machine Tammany Hall in late 1800s” (par.10). In the 1870s, a New York politician named William Tweed was involved in the loss of 200 million dollars of products and taxes. The scandal was covered by the newspapers and was of the best newsworthiness to people. The opinion of Thomas Nast through political cartoons changed of the political history and transformed the cartoons into a medium to influence the people and demonstrate the potential political of them.

In recent years the people have been able to find political cartoons on the Internet; there are many sites where you can find information about the different topics and an inclusive complete guide of political cartoons edited. In these web sites you can find controversial debates, where you can to see the position that is adopted by different agents of the society. This is a new way of looking at a thing, of getting information about the events, taking a position or participating in opening the door 80% the new generation of political cartoons and the new role of the cartoonist. The new events are on the Internet, such as current political events, political scandals and political issues; today for example were published several political cartoons about Halloween and politics; in these the cartoonist got inspiration from the relation between the people in Iraq, Halloween day and the position of the Bush government; the symbols used were the pumpkin, US flag and the dead people. The political cartoons of today are not funny but are very impacting and of course are on these sites to change the thinking of people about the actual position of the Bush government. When you look at these political cartoons with security you change your thinking.

Actually the process of making a decision is affected by the information. The time or the immediacy of events is an important factor that affects the thinking and influences directly on the decision of people. Daily we are exposed to political cartoons through of the media such as newspaper, TV channels and the Internet; every day the media influences us. Actually time is important and people don't like to spend time in several details; therefore the political cartoons are important because the people can look quickly at these and stay informed about the political events. Our experience daily and our behavior are factors that support the importance of political cartoons in our lives and these influences on our decisions.

The political cartoons represent the past, reflect the present and are the best way to show to the citizens, the community, people involved inside of governments or politicians, the power of the images with humor and of the funny images and the capacity to change the history of this country.

Spears Ignore Paparazzi

Spears ' feas reckless paparazzi'
BBC News in video and audio the author said, Britney Spears the pop singer talked about her story with paparazzi; and she couldn’t practice her normal life without paparazzi’s following her. Spears mentions Princess Diana’s accident in Paris in 1997; paparazzi was the main cause of Diana’s death; they followed her car to get some picture when she was with Dodi Al Fayed; in addition, her driver was drunk. Britney can’t go out with her son, Sean Preston, because of the persecution of the paparazzi. They always are bothering her to get some picture of her and her son. She doesn’t think people want to make her unhappy or sad, but she is happy anyway. Britney’s last album was in 2004; she missed the stage so she makes preparation for her new album. She said, “It’s been boring, nothing’s been ‘WOW’ to me “


BBC News. (2006 Feb. 17). Spears ‘fear reckless paparazzi’

Spears Ignore Paparazzi/ fifi/ AE2A

China’s Internet Addiction

China’s Internet Addiction

According to Daniel Griffiths, of BBC News, Beijing, the number of Internet addicts
is increasing in China; huge numbers of young people hang out at Internet cafés on a daily basis to chat online or play games. People have started spending their money on buying computers or paying to use Internet websites; that is a negative side in this huge country. Wang Yiming, 21, said that he could not sleep enough, eat well, or pass some of his school tests when he started Internet addiction; he couldn’t control himself and had fallen away from his family and friends. For that reason there is China’s first clinic for Internet addiction to help people; that clinic is one of a group of clinics serving other kinds of addiction such as drugs or alcohol. The number of patients is always increasing; 20 million patients every day. That makes the clinic add 200 beds next year, trying to stop the Internet addiction.

Internet addiction is in fact a large problem these days; and it is difficult to be treated easily forit. After a person is addicted his personality will completely change, psychologically and in his social life; he will be less talkative, more lonely, and more hostile and sometimes it leads to family breakups. Even health complaints from many people have taken place such as bleary-eyed, spinal pain, headache and other pains. This is caused by sitting too long in front of the computer and less exercise and even normal movement . Dr Tao Ran mentioned in the article that most addictions come from young teenagers, about 2 million have been addicted in a such quick time that the authorities did not realize the problem until recently and too late.

This Internet addiction is the family’s responsibility. Since most of the addicts are teenagers, they started going and using the internet, playing games and logging into chat rooms when they were younger. Parents have to limit Internet use for their children and make control of their Internet surfing to avoid any internet addiction. They should fill their children’s free time with useful things such as reading or sports or going on a trip with family and some friends; and try to discover any talents they could have to start maintaining and growing it for their future.

The good thing is the Internet clinic; it’s very helpful for the advanced level of addiction; if the parents can’t control their children or get them away from addiction, they can take them to the clinic to remove this addiction, and put them back in to a quiet life; in addition they should be around them all the time and be attentive to their behavior.

Griffiths, D. (2005, Oct. 10). Treating China’s Online Addicts.
BBC Newspaper

China’s Internet Addiction/ fifi/ AE2A


My Favorite Media
The media is important in our lives. We have different kinds of media like newspapers, television, magazine, and the Internet. Everybody has favorite media. My favorite media is Internet. I can learn info about the world through the Internet such as culture, music and news. It supports freedom. I can see any movies, read any magazine and expound my opinions. The Internet is convenient, accessible, and free. These are many reasons why the Internet is my favorite media.

First, I can learn information about the world through the Internet. I can learn about different culture. I can listen to music, and get read the News. These are just a few of the many ways to get information about the world by using the Internet.

Second, Internet supports freedom. I can watch any movies that aren’t allowed in my country. I can read many kind of newspapers and magazines. The Internet can expand my opinions. There are many ways that the Internet can supports freedom.

Third, the Internet is convenient, accessible and free. By Internet I can buy from another country. It has low price and free in some places. Internet is low prices and in most country available and has services.

The Internet has been to write, my favorite media, The Internet. I like to learn information about the world through the Internet. I can see any movies, read any magazine and expound your opinions. It is convenient, accessible and free. I think The Internet is best media

My Favorite Media

My Favorite Media- Writing assignment, Heaanh(AE2)

These days, there are many kinds of media in the world. What is the media? The media is the main ways that large numbers of people receive information and entertainment. It includes newspapers, magazines, television, radio and more recently, the internet. Among them, my favorite media is television because television has many channels, television helps people to understand contents more easily, and sometimes television indicates social problems and settles social problems.

First, television has many channels. It is soap operas, music, sports, comedy, talk show and news programs. In other words, television has many kinds of information. There are many professional programs. If we want to decorate our house, we can get information from professional programs or advertisements.

Second, television helps people to understand more easily. As you know, television is visual. So children or illiterate people can understand contents easily. With the development of technology, today’s television contains subtitles and sing language for person who can’t listen.

Third, sometimes television can settle social problems. Especially, the like news which often shows some social problems that the public may not know about. One such example, was the contamination of drinking water in South Korea. Anybody doesn’t know this fact. But the news made us know about it. Many people were shocked, and protest this situation. Finally, it suggested a cure for the contamination.

Like this, television has many channels, television helps people to understand more easily, and television indicates social problems and settles social problems. Therefore, these are reasons why my favorite media is television. I think television is very useful.


UFO- AE2 Hennah
What is UFO?

What is a UFO? “Roswell” is a history about UFO. These days, there is also argument about whether the appearance of a UFO is a fact or fiction. This history that takes the case of appearing UFO in Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947 suggests 3 theories. First theory, It was not UFO. It was just a balloon-based sensing device. Second theory, It was balloon that Japan use to attack. Third theory, It was a UFO. But author didn’t assure us about existence of UFO.

When I Was a High school student, I saw a movie “Signs” that handled UFO’s. I was interested in it, ; since then I have believed it. And this belief is continued. So, I am interested in this history and 3 theories. And I hope that 1and 2 theory are not fact. It is not fact that UFO exist in the world. But many movies, books, and pictures make me believe it. So I hope it is a fact and someday I will see it.

Spam message

Spam message- AE2 Hennah

What is a spam message? Spam message is kind of advertising that we don’t want to have. These days, over half of the e-mail that we have is spam messages. According to one Korea prominent newspaper, South Korean people receive 14 spam messages in one day. Where does spam come from?

These spam messages come from companies that want to sell their products. But as you know, most people delete it without reading it. But these spam messages continue coming. In my case, when I see the spam messages, I delete them with no definite idea, because their content are mostly mortgages that I don’t want to have. Then, if we have spam messages, what can we do? First, we can simply delete them. Second, although we must pay money, to set up anti-spam software, we can delete spam messages that way. Third, we can get another e-mail address that has only spam messages. Like this, we are unhappy because of a lot of spam messages. I suggest some solutions but the most efficient method is to create a law that companies can’t send spam messages.

The Internet Searching

Mohamad alw AE2

I will talk about the internet searching. Now the internet is the first thing to use to get informaion or to enjoy in the world. The internet is very important to American people; but still the information is the medium of source for people.

A big number in the U.S. uses the search engine to find informaion. Finally the internet has evolved into amainstream information tool for millions of people around the world.

My Opinion

1.The internet Now is the first kind of media because it is fast to know anything.
2.We can connect with anyone anywhere and know all the news in the world in one click.
3.In the future the internet will be in every house in the world.


CeRen _ AE2-B

TV shows which include violence and other bad values are growing in popularity. A lot of people watch these programs. According to watchers these programs are interesting, enjoyable and a good idea to spend time.

These programs contain bad values for watchers. First; some TV programs have dangerous effects. For example movies which include violence. On these movies, movie characters kill each other or damage theirself or other people...etc. Therefore watchers, especially children, are affected by these programs.For examples, that kind of each movie has one hero and children want to be hero.They want to save the world or catch the bad guys. On the other hand these movies have a lot of bloody and death acts and these acts very affected on the children.

The second reason is, some TV shows are immoral. For example, movies which include phornography and some Realty TV shows (for example : Temptation Island) That kind of programs have very bad effects for children.

Thirdly,these programs are widespread and they show too often. The producers put on these programs what people want to watch.

In my opinion, generally watching to these programs are enjoyable, but these programs are not teaching good and profitable things.

Posted by M A H A


Mohamad alw AE2

I visited a website from usatoday and I read about Teens hang out at MySpace By Janet Kornblum. Most teens in the USA hang out there. The site is new but it’s become more popular than the mall, movies, school or AOL . The members increase faster for this reason and the site has become more expensive. They are interested in being online in a Myspace page; it’s like a home for them. The teens talk about themselves, they add pictures, backgrounds, music, art and poetry. The musicians sign up with this site to become fast they can because of the number of visitors. Myspace is not the only place for teens, other sites we can visit like Facebook. Myspace took 18th-most-visited site on the Web for November.

My opinion

1. Myspace is a big website but they need to control it more .
2. Most of the visitors are teens; the website needs to do something for other ages.
3. The website takes a long time for teens and they lost a lot of time.

Internet searching


I visited“Internet searching.

This site tells about effective internet search. The internet is necessary thing in America and all over the world. For example, home and work, both of that places use it. Many people use the internet for shopping, getting good news, information and communication, just a few years. The Internet has important information everyday, because around 709 to 945 million people use it worldwide. In America, about 134 million American adults use the Internet; some 64 million employ it daily and one of the most important and popular activities is being online because it is quick and easy.

My opinion

In this century, we need the internet for everything. We can send e-mail, find information, shopping and meet someone. It is really interesting because just in last decade we couldn’t use it easily and it is hard to find something using the Internet, but it just 10 years it has became popular and easy to use. So most of people use the internet, and I like use the internet, too. Internet is one of the nice things in the world.

GOSSIP : CESL Includes Dangerous Effects !

CeReN _ AE2-B

..... According to one analysis, Cesl is unhealty for students. We found out that all of the CESL students are unhappy and they don't like their teachers. Mostly students told that "The teachers are mean to us." They are not satisfied with their homework, quizes and teachers' attitude....
Status : Definetly True !!!

In these days we're seeing a lot of rumors on the internet. This news/information has a big effect on people. We're already sick of this information; we're already wondering about it.
This information has many kind of goals.
1. to change people's mind
1.1. purpose of advertisement
1.1.a. negative effect on our enemy's purposes
1.1.b. positive effect on our own purposes
1.2. propaganda
2. catch people's eyes with interesting news by exaggeration.
We can put one news item that is for our purposes or advertisements on the web-sites and we can broadcast it. It's really easy : just one click.

Should we believe the internet rumors? Actually it's a very complex subject, because we already check every kind of information from the internet.

Mom : The children whose height will not become tall use the computer more than 5 hours a day.
Child : Really!! I'll check this news from the internet.

This is because we believe and trust the internet. News of internet and comments are very important for us. They can shape our beliefs.

I think we have to wait for the news become it's definetly true.

Posted by M A H A at 7:39 PM 5 comments

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I visited
This site tells about ebay.

People can sell and buy their products.
Ebay has cheap prices and good condition and almost everything is in the ebay, such as books, cars, computers and home edition. It is one of the popular trade and selling sites in the world. Also, people can trade with each other.If sellers fake something, the sellers never sell again in ebay.


I think ebay is necessary in human life. Just one click we can buy everything.
Sometimes I use the ebay for beanie, clothes and some often things and my friends use it too.
I think it is better for students, because if students have extra stuff, ebay will give them a chance to get extra money.
I like ebay.

Color Association

Colors have different meanings according to the cultures. But they still have common meanings. This site ( tells us about the common meanings of colors. Bright red is enerizing, sexy, dynamic, and powerful. Bright pink is happy, youthful, exciting, and fun. Light pink is romantic, soft, tender, and cute. Charcoal gray is professonal, classic, expensive, enduring, and mature. Neutral gray is classic, cool, corporate, timeless, and quiet. Light blue is calm, peaceful, cool, and clean. And sky blue is calm, cool, constant, faithful, true, and dependable. Bright blue is energetic, vibrant, and dramatic. Beige is classic, earthy, neutral, soft, and warm. Light yellow means cheerful, happy, soft, sunny, and warm. Lavender means nostalgic, delicate, floral, and sweet tasting. If you visit the website, you get more information about colors.

These days the importance of colors has been increasing because they have power to create some images. Therefore we can create the image that we want to show others by using adequate colors. If we want to be regarded as a person who has certain images, we can create the image by wearing proper colors of clothes. When we apply for a new job, we'd better wear blue shirts. Blue shirts will make us look more faithful and dependable. For this reason, we'd better know about the meaning of colors.

Allen Koh AE2B

Internet Addiction Test (IAT)

Today most people use the internet and many people have got addicted to the internet. There is the internet addiction test developed by Dr. Kimberly Young. This test will tell you how much you are addicted to the internet. It consists of 20 questions about your internet usage. Here are some samples. How often do you find that you stay on-line longer than you intended? How often do you fear that life without the Internet would be boring, empty, and joyless? How often do you feel depressed, moody, or nervous when you are off-line, which goes away once you are back on-line? Answer the questions and click the "calculate score" button. Then you can see your scores and results. At the bottom of the webpage, you can see other results according to different scores.

I tested myself, and the test’s result told me that I am a normal internet user. The test was very easy and interesting. I recommend that you take this test. If you know what kind of internet user you are, then you can control your usage of the internet and prevent being an internet addict. The internet is one of indispensable things in our lives. We use the internet for shopping, bill-paying, banking, searching information, watching world’s news, and so on. But we don’t have to be suffered by the internet. The internet is just a convenient tool that exists for us. If we use the internet moderately, our lives will become more pleasant.

Allen Koh AE2B

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Internet addiction

In the article “Is Internet addiction a real problem” by Eric Benkelman, the author argued that the technology age is has health hazards for, example, cell phone, video game and Internet. First, the author said that the mass media debating about whether internet addiction is real problem in our life.Second, the Perspectives in Psychiatric Care studied Internet addiction, in this case the way of people who are misuse the net. There are five specific behaviors (cyber sexual, cyber relationship addiction, Net compulsion, information overload and interactive-gaming compulsion).The author said that people who are addicted on these web sites If they have uncontrollable desire. Finally, the author mentions that people who want to know if they are addicted can take a test in the web site, which is called Internet addiction test; it comes from the Center for Online and Internet addiction. In conclusion, some people lose control of themselves when they used the net. They have no fault to find with Internet; therefore, we should know about the main problem.
(In my opinion) I agree with the author that people get in a vulnerable situation because they succumb to the net so that they cannot control themselves on the net. People should have self-control when they use any type of Internet; otherwise, they may lose everything in their life.

First, if people spend a lot of time on the net they will feel physical symptoms from dry eyes, carpal tunnel syndrome, backaches and poor personal hygiene. The people in this situation have pathological internet addiction. Furthermore, they feel angry when they were not with computer; also, they are not able to control themselves on Internet. A study has found the effects of Internet addiction on health so the user should the watch out for how many hours they spend on the Internet. The people who are addict, to the Internet, if they cannot control themselves, they will stay up all night long; moreover, they cannot able to go to their work place or school.

Next, People who are addicted to Internet have no experience in society. The people who spend a lot of time cannot organize their life; moreover, social isolation is a big problem, because they have no relationship with their family, friend and cow-work, for example, when the user uses Internet for sex that is bad for behaviors with their wife. The impact of the Internet on the user whether they use excessively. Internet addiction may damage their life so that the people cannot understand the system in which people live together in organized communities.

Finally, Internet addiction makes people so lazy that they can do little work. They feel sleepy during work time. The people who are addicted to Internet threaten their job or school because they cannot come early to their job or school. They waste their time staying on the at internet so that they cannot do their duty with wife, children and job.

In conclusion, the best way for people avoid this problem is to start mixing in society so that they can have a better life. Therefore, I think this situation depend on personality and people’s life. There are many ways people can get control of themselves when they sit at the Internet. Some people are able control themselves in the Internet; on other hand, people are unable to control themselves in the Internet.

Banqeman, Eric(2006,Nov.29). Is Internet addiction a real problem? Accessed 11/29/2006

Mazen AE2A

Convictions for Diana paparazzi

In BBC, news website in “Convictions for Diana paparazzi” the author talks about what happened to Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, disputing about the cause of the accident and who was guilty. First, the court of law in Paris said that the French paparazzi were innocent because there was not enough evidence of guilty. Mohamed, Dodi’s father, said that his son and princess Diana were murdered by the paparazzi. Second, he said that he distrusted the official inquiry into the incident by the main French investigation; also, the police should bring paparazzi to court. Finally, the main French court said that it was on purpose, the investigations blamed the crash on the driver; he was too drunk when he drove on the highway. In conclusion, this accident was the talk of the world and people were very sad about what happened. The BBC news discuss who is guilty the driver or paparazzi.

The BBC news web set. (2006, Nov. 29). Convictions for Diana paparazzi. Accessed 29/11/2006.

Mazen AE2A


For weblog assignment # 4, I choose ebay It is a famous website that sells and

buys everything ranging from cars to furniture, games, and

toys. The website has a top 10 most wanted list that people

usually buy that includes things like playstation, t-mobile,

camera, and cell phone. The top ten most wanted list takes

the form of a moving screen to grab your attention.

In my opinion, I think ebay is a good website to do your

shopping whether it’s at home or work. This helps those

people who don't have much time to go shopping,

especially those who live in urban areas. Finally, I think

this website saves you not only time but also money.

Link: by turki

“Fight Spam on the internet”

For weblog assignment # 5, I chose a website that deals with
the issue of spam. The site is called “Fight Spam on the internet” It was established in 1996, and serves people that use the internet, giving them privacy, and keeping away junk mail, which has increased nowadays. This website gives safety tips when using the internet, ways to aviod spam, and teaches people how to use the internet and how to fix and aviod spam.

In my opinion the issue of spam is gaining greater attention
nowadays amongst computer users, making anti-spam services essential (important). However, big companies introduce new types of
spam to hit the consumers then they advertise an anti-spam product
to fight the spam.

Link: by turki

Saturday, December 09, 2006

In South Korea, online rumors can hit hard

I visited the website of the International Herald Asia-Pacific. in general this website is about news and articles; also, we can find more news in the world, for example, business, technology, information about travel, culture, sport ……etc. Especially here I read the about the girlfriend of Mr. Kim in South Korea when she killed herself .We know most people in South Korea used internet and 67% of the people use internet. The story of the girlfriend of Kim was distributed in net in Korea; the people were angry about Kim's girlfriend and the people thought Kim pushed his girlfriend to abort her baby. The people thougt Kim pushed his girlfriend to kill herself. Most people sent a message to the manager of Kim in his work place; they wanted to drop Kim out from his job and all the name and number telephone and photographer were all over in internet; most people know who Kim was. Also some girl, I think she is famous in Korea, dropped out of school as a result of being a victim of online harassment. She did not clean up after her dog, and someone took a picture or take a movie to bother her. Finally she dropped out of school.

In my opinion I am feeling very sad when I read about Kim 's girlfriend and of the same time the girl who is dropped out of school because of internet rumors. I hope all the boyfriends care about girlfriends because most women are more sensitive and romantic and need good care. And I am feeling bad when I read about what happened with Kim. I don’t know why? People were pushing him. Maybe Kim was a nice guy with his girlfriend. I don’t know the details of the relationship between Kim and his girlfriend. I don’t like people who harass and bother people on the internet. Finally I hope Korea fixed this problem.

Princess Diana

I visited a website about princess Diana of Wales In general this Website is taking about details of Diana is life. In the first part of the website you can find Elton John singing "Candle in the wind "for Princess Diana and you can find the location of the grave for Princess Diana on the round oval on the island in the lake. In this website you can find more photos for Princess Diana .Also you can find a project about Diana, defiles of the marriage of Diana with Prince Charles, and the divorce story. Finally you can find more information about how the Princess died and details of the story of the car accident in Paris, how the death of Diana affected the people; you can find reports from CNN and BBC, and you can find more links about different subjects for Diana. Also you can find how the paparazzi were bothering Diana

In my opinion, I feel very sad when I remember how Princess Diana died, because she helped the poor children, poor people, and sick people, and she helped the people after the war who needed help. She was princess of humanity. Finally, I recommend to any one who interested in Princess Diana that they visit this website and listen to Elton sing.
batil AE2B


AE2-A Writing Class SHOTA

I will write about why some people believe in the UFO’s and why some people do not believe in the UFO’s. The media that is just received or is active is influential. Do you think the media influence people’s beliefs about UFO’s? I want say that many people do not know, but their opinion is changed by the media, because it has big influence. The media has a lot of functions, effects and information which we do not know, so we have to know these facts to avoid misunderstanding or miscommunication.

The word “media” has a lot of meaning. For example, television, newspaper and radio are just received information. Anyone can search for it with the Internet. If the media is just received, many people take it as one-sided. On the contrary, the Internet is such that many people can search for information on the media. If we are just informed about UFO one way from mass media, it makes them prejudiced. On the other hand, when we use the Internet, in which we are able to get information by ourselves and exchange ideas with many people, we can hear both ideas, for and against, but it is difficult to find true information from a lot of mistakes or fake information.

However, if we compare two different kinds of media, passive media and active media, I think people believe passive media because passive media, like television, is more public and reliable. To talk about UFO in the US, it is many events and sightings such as Roswell. Broadcasts make special television programs like that for audiences. Also, they interview many famous people (who are president, FBI, and the department of defense) about UFO, and they show the scenes. When audiences watch the programs, they probably believe that UFO’s may exist. Thus, they can not deny it. The second reason is about the Internet’s information and their opinion is less reliable than one-sided. The Internet has information which almost the same as that on television programs. And we cannot believe the Internet user’s opinion in the Internet.

Fundamentally, we cannot believe things we do not see. So I have a question about why they change their opinion; how do they change their opinion about the future? If we used the mass media, our opinions change about things “we don’t know”. Before, usually they said “No, I do not believe in the UFO’s; but the media that used its power changes many people. If they will keep using this media, maybe we cannot believe anything. I think this variation in opinion is a big change.

I think the media influences people’s belief about UFO’s. Many people do not know if they have changed their opinion because of the media, but I think they need to know this action. I think the media inflences people’s belief about UFO’s.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Media problem in china

Writing AE2-A
Summary Response

Media problem in china

In the article, “Media explosion tests China’s control” by BBC News, the author debates the problem of media in China. Zhao Wei, the paper’s home new editor said that because every editor gets a good discipline, they already know where they stop their print. However, Li Datong has another idea. He said they don’t edit, they’re censors and they should attend at least one meeting a week at the central propaganda department. One day he was fired because he challenged the government’s propaganda department. Besides he has been followed and the government bugs his phone. And then they threaten him. If he doesn’t say a fact to them, he will lose his job. That’s how they control the editorial content. Author states that government always censors your reports. So it reminds us we are under censorship that makes us really upset. Furthermore Because of crackdowns, people don’t even write their instruction down. Author said that nobody know how long this censorship would last.

I think we nearly don’t need internet censorship. First of all, if government always checks our article or essay, we can’t write our thinking ourselves. For example, suppose that a reporter knows a wrong fact done by government. If he writes that fact, government may give to him or her a penalty. So every report has to consider their censorship.

Another problem is that violent censorship influences the country’s development. Government and media should cooperate with each other. For instance, when government commits a fault, the media indicates that thing. If they do in this way, it’s good for the nation. However, serious censorship makes it go the opposite way.

However, sometimes censorship needs to us. You occasionally can see the disapprove article. It makes people confused. Sometimes, it may destroy a country. Actually, in Malaysia the whole city plunged in confusion in 1998 because of the wrong media.

In conclusion, we need proper censorship. Too much censorship brings a counter result and having too little censorship also is a bad situation. If the media and government have a good relation, the situation will be batter.


Sommerville, Q (2006, oct. 25), Media explosion

written by Sung-Hun

A place for friend

I went to web set "” that was place for people to find new way to get friend or share photos, journals and interests with a group of people having same occupation or interesting. Everyone like chat they can create web set free also People who like Matchmakers they can connect their friends with other friends. People who like keep touch with classmate, co work and family. Single people who want to meet other single.

In my opinion,
It is great web site also useful for foreign students so that they can keep touch with friend in their country. It is wonderful to keep long friendship in our life. In this web site, you can meet friend’s friends and communicate with anyone in your Personal Network. Actually l create one so I will invite my friend in back home and you

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yumi Hisamura AE2-A


Writing AE2-A
Summary Response
Yumi Hisamura

The Importance of Interactions for Children

In this article, “Study supports limiting television time for children” by The University of Texas at Austin, in which the author’s name was not listed, the author discusses the study to support decreased television time and increased familial interactions for children. This article is based on research by Dr.Elizabeth Vandewater. She points out that children spend more time watching television than playing inside and outside; however, the issue like childhood obesity is not always influenced by increased watching television. And she insists that children under the age of two don’t have to watch television and children older than two may watch television for two hours in daily life because familial interacting is decreased from the American Academy of Pediatrics’ survey. In addition, she and her college want to know how this affects children’s health behavior and knowledge. According to her and this study, children spend a lot of time in front of television without several interactions.

First of all, it is very important for children to limit television time because children need familial interactions. Why do children watch television for a long time? I think this answer is just interesting. But there are three issues for children. Actually, a lot of children spend a great amount of time in front of television every day. When I was a child, I always watched television about 3 or 4 hours after school without doing homework. I think most of children will be like me. As a result, children become inside people, because they don’t play outdoors and their communication with family is decreased. If they lose the communication of family, they will be quiet and be not good at communication with people. Therefore, children should not watch television for a long time.

Secondly, why do children spend a lot of time watching television? In my opinion, the cause of this is lazy parents, because parents give children television. So, parents think that children can learn about good things. Of course, children can learn some behavior of society from educational programs like Sesame Street. But, to talk to parents is very important for children because children can study something through the experienced advice and ideas of parents. Parents ought to be mirrors of children because children imitate language, behavior and idea from their parents without watching television. However, parents depend on television because of business. Parents should teach communication for children by talking more often.

In addition, to watch television for a long time gives some bad influence for children. So, television is not a useful tool for children, because there is violence, aggression and dirty language and sense. These give negative effects for children and are absorbed into their behaviors directly because they are sensitive; they only listen and watch. Especially, when children watch people kill someone on television and video games, they don’t understand the meaning of death and life. For example, if a famous actor was killed by someone on the screen but the same famous actor was killed by someone on another screen again, little children will be confuse about the idea that he can be revived. So, parents should also pay attention to these situations.

In conclusion, to decrease the television time for children is important. It is the responsibility of parents to restrict this. So, parents should protect children against television because watching the television for a long time is a waste of time and interferes with communicating face to face. I hope that children aren’t addicted to television.

The University of Texas at Austin Office of Public Affairs. (2006, Feb. 6).
“Study supports limiting television time for children."

  • Retrieved 11-29-06.

    Writing assignment♯Final-Yoshimitsu Masuda

    December 5, 2006
    Yoshimitsu Masuda

    Internet’s character and our stress

    According to New Scientist Tech's news service on 18 October 2006 in "US internet addicts 'as ill as alcoholics', " researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine in California in US interviewed 2513 adults in a national survey and found that more than 1 in 8 US residents reveal signs of internet addiction, which is known in the US like a sickness of alcoholics. Some people hide their internet behavior like alcoholics' activity and that disturbed the researchers, said Elias Aboujaoude, who is a psychiatry professor at Stanford's Impulse Control Disorders Clinic, and also he said that people are using the internet to self-medicate in a sense. In the survey, some part of the population faced serious problems, which are that they can't stay away from the internet, that they can escape instantly from the real world and that excessive internet use destroys some relationships and so on, and a large part of the population has the potential for internet problems too. He said that the number of people who are thinking of getting a doctor's help is increasing and a lot of non-essential internet use which is called Internet addiction replaces work. In addition, recently, Internet addiction is starting to be considered as a lawful disease like an economic problem. However, the problem can't be seen as coused by a particular type of use of internet. Furthermore, that the majority of internet addicts are single, college-educated, white males in their 30s and they spend about 30 hours on unnecessary internet use, is found by previous research. From this article and investigation, I guess and try to reveal and solve the factors of this internet addiction problem as internet's character and person's problem.

    First, internet has much fresh information which we can like, so we are attracted by its information and their world without losing interest. This survey showed that internet addiction wasn't to special kinds of sites, so we can find that it’s by internet's common character which can affect all of us. Internet has much and fresh information and we can see every time and every situation only by sitting in front of our computer. Its amount of fresh information keeps us sitting with computer easily and for a long time. We can never see all information and information has possibility of being renewed every moment. This is one reason that we continue to be with computer for a long time and we can’t go away.

    The second factor is that we can actively choose only information we like. We can only click the fresh news or something which we like to see with comfort. In internet, the right of choosing information is always by our sides and we shouldn't choose things we dislike. This is why people use internet as self-medicine, because they can do only what they like to do. If we are with television or radio we actually see or hear the information which we don't expect. On the other hand, internet can give us only what we want every time, so internet attracts people to be with them more than anything else.

    Third, stress or some problem which is from ourselves draws internet addicts toward internet’s character. The majority of internet addicts are single, college-educated, white males in their 30s, said this article. In my opinion, college-educated means they can use computer with work, and single and 30s males have much time to do something and also are in the most powerful and active age for work. Therefore, they have some stress for job, relationship, and event with wives, so they can use the internet's character to escape and heal their personal problems. It also lists jobless people's stress. 30-year-olds have many worries about job, marriage, work relationships and financial steadiness, and if you are single you feel more pressure compared to other people because you don't have peaceful stability with your family. People who need to escape from the real world come to take a temporary rest from their trouble of life but they become more dependent in time because of internet’s features.

    In conclusion, I suggested that internet’s character, which attructs us without losing interest and gives us only what we want to have, and people’s stress are the factors of internet addiction. Both of them work as a good cycle. People’s need can be satisfied by internet’s features with a needed rest of life, but if we are attracted too much we can’t escape from their world because they always encourage us to be with them with their special character. We must care about internet’s features and our own stress and we should not try to heal our problem by using the internet. Internet has the power to make us dependent, like alcohol, so we have to care about its evil ability. In addition, we must know our own physical and mental condition, so that we can limit use of internet to help us to keep away from internet addiction.

    New Scientist Tech staff and AFP. (2006, October, 18). US internet addicts 'as ill as alcoholics'. news service. Retrieved 11-29-06.

    AE2A writing Hiroyuki Asano

    Hiroyuki Asano
    AE2 writing
    Summary Response

    In the article, “The Quest to End Game Addiction,” by Julia Scheeres states that ideas about game addiction; that gamers are interested in games and they cannot quit games. First of all, this author mentioned EQ, which is EverQuest or EverCrack, in which players feel that they slip in to the game. In addition, the author mentioned stories of people who have game addiction. In my opinion, there are a lot of game addicted people in Japan. I think game addiction is very bad.

    First of all, game addiction is bad for human relations. When they get jobs, they have to relate to coworkers, but they cannot join them, because it is difficult finding similar interests. They feel lonely and then they would lose jobs.

    Second, a lot of game addicted people do not have jobs, so they are parasitic on their parents. Parents cannot control them because they did not control them in their childhood. Parents save their life.

    Finally, some game addicted people cannot separate the real world and the game world. In addition there are a lot of violent programs in game programs, so they commit crimes. For example, a game addicted person who can not separate realty from fantasy plays a violent action game. The person does not hesitate to do the violence in reality.

    In conclusion, game addiction is not good, because they can not have good relationships with other people, they have trouble with family, and they can not separate real from not real, so they should play games moderately.

    Julia,Scheeres,(2001, dec-05)."The Quest End Game Addiction.",1882,48479,00.htm

    (11/29/2006 12;45pm)

    Friday, December 01, 2006

    Madonna Bruised By Paparazzi

    I went to web set“Madonna Bruised by Paparazzi” which talking about what happened to Madonna from paparazzi. When she came to London, the paparazzi follow Madonna with her adoptive and push Madonna roughly because the paparazzi want to take picture or comment for her. Madonna did not realize that adoption was causing any controversy until she came back to England. Madonna did first interview on TV since the adoption.She was covered her face with bruises after what happened at Heathrow airport. Madonna got back again to London. In addition, she tries to increase the sales of her book, which names Too Good to Be True.

    In my opinion, I do not like this kind of job because they do not care what famous people feeling or any person in the same situations. The paparazzi interfering in their life also they do every thing to get picture or comment for example what happened to Princess Diana and Dida so I think that Madonna is open her heart for adoption (open your heart).Madonna knows how to manipulate her supporters.