Thursday, January 26, 2006

Three Pigs

My mother told me a folk tale like "3 pigs".A long time ago, there were three pigs and they were brothers.When they grew up , they all wanted to leave their parents and want to built their owned house outside.The elderpig built a house with straw,so it was built quickly. The second pig built a housewith wood. He built slower than the elder pig. The youngest pig built a house with stone. The two of the elder pigs all laughed at the youngest pig because it was built very slowly.One day ,a big wolf wanted to eat these three pigs. The strew-made house and the wood-made house were all destroyed by the big wolf easily. The two pigs run into the youngest pig's house .Because this house was build by stone and it was very strong,the big wolf couldn't destroy it. This story wants to tell us that brothers need to work in cooperation. Every difficult thing will be sloved.

Gold Axe And Silver Axe

My mother told me a story, that’s “Gold Axe And Silver Axe” . The story is talking about two men who live in a forest, and they cut trees every day. One day, a woodcutter went to work near the lake; when he wanted to work, his axe fell down into the lake. He was very worried, and tried to find his axe. When he went to give up, suddenly one woman rose up from lake, and talked to the woodcutter. She said, “What’s going on?“ the woodcutter said, “I lost my axe, and I can’t work. The woman said, “ I can’t help you.“ She went down the lake; after a few minutes she took a silver axe and asked the woodcutter, “Is this your axe?” He said, “ it not mine. The woman went down again, and rose up. She took a gold axe said, “Is this your axe?” He said, “It’s not mine." The woman was very surprised that he was so honest. So she gave him a gold axe, silver axe, and his own axe. The woodcutter went back home, and told the other woodcutters, the other woodcutter wanted to got those axes, and he did the same thing as the honest woodcutter, but he didn’t tell the truth; he said, “I lost his gold axe!“ The woman didn’t want to help, so he missed his axe.

by Han Tsung Tsai

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Cunning Fox

Once upon a time there were three friends in the jungle, a lion, a wolf and a fox... one day they went to look for something to eat because they were starving... by the end of the day they had hunted three animals as prey: a camel, a pig and a goat.Then the lion asked the wolf to divide the loot... so he hit the wolf severely until he died. Then the lion asked the fox about his opinion... the fox said, "The goat is for your breakfast, the camel is for your lunch and the pig is for your dinner". The lion really liked that...So, he asked the fox "Who taught you this fair division?". The fox answered,"It was the death of the wolf"
In conclusion, we find out how the strong can prevail and the weak can't...and also we know how the cunning fox saved his life by using his mind!
samah ali

The Rabbit and The Turtle

this story talks about emulation between the animals the rabbit was the fastest,and he defeated them all one day he wanted to run with the turtle and he knew that the turtle was too slow . the racing began and the rabbit ran fast then the turtel he sid whe am running she is too sloow and he slept and the turtle was working and she won

the end


Sun and Moon

A long time ago, one brother and sister lived with their mother. Their mother made rice cakes and sold them for their living. One day, When mother came back home, she met a great tiger. The tiger said to her, "If you gave me one rice cake, I won't eat you, ever." So she gave a rice cake to him. But a few minutes later, the tiger said to her, again, "If you gave me one rice cake, I won't eat you." So she gave a rice cake to him. Finally the rice cakes ran out. The bad tiger caught the mother later, then ate her. At the same time, the brother and sister were waiting for their mom but mother didn't come back home. Tiger started to find them in order to eat them. Brother and sister ran away from the tiger.
Finally the arrived at some field. And they prayed, "Please help us, god. If you let us live, please give us a good string, or give us a bad string." After then a good string came down in the sky. So brother and sister went up with the good string. And then, the tiger also prayed. "Please help me, god. If you let me live, please give me a good string or give me a bad string." But a bad string came down in the sky. So the tiger fell to the ground and died. God pitied a brother and sister. He gave them each a job. So brother became the sun and sister became the moon.


angel and man


Once upon a time a man lived deep in the mountain with his mother.
He was not married. He always desired that He would get married but nobady wanted to be with him because he was poor. He always felt so sad about that. One day when he was walking around, he saw that angels came down to take a shower in the lake. He just stole a glance at them and then he realized that if he took away the angel's clothing, she wouldn't fly back into the sky, so he put the angel's clothing somewhere out of sight. Finally an angel who couldn't fly became his wife. His mother told him never give her clothing until she got three babies because she obviously would leave him, but if she had 3babies, she couldn't leave with babies in her arms. The angel always missed the heavens; also, it always gave him great anxiety. So a long time later, he gave it to her when they got two babies. She didn't hesitate, and she put it on very quickly and then flew up to the sky with 2babis. He deeply regretted his behavior.

Lila and Wolf

There was one young girl whse name was Lila. She was living with her mom and her grand mother lived on the other side of the forest. One day her mom asked her to go to her grandmother to give her something. Before that day, the wolf who lived in the forest kidnapped her grand mother as a hostage. While Lila was walking to her grandmother's house, the wolf was follonging her and she didn't know that. When Lila became close to arriving at her grandmother's house, the wolf was running to arrive before she got there. Furthermore, he was covering half of his face. Therefore,Lila got her grandmother's bedroom. She began talking with the wolf because she thought that she was talking to her grandmother. Lila said, "because I can smell you well." then Lila asked her,"why are your eyes big?" The wolf said, "to see you clearly." After that, the wolf asked Lila to come close to give him a kiss, and the wolf attacked her. At that moment, her grandmother hit him with her stick several times and he ran away from the house.

The Lazy Boy Who Became a Cow

A long time ago in Korea, there was a man who didn’t like to do anything. He thought lying down and taking a nap was the best way in his life without work. One day, although his mother requested something to him, he pretended that he didn’t hear. Then his mother was angry for his behavior, so he had to leave home unavoidably. He saw an old man on the way when he was going somewhere. The old man had a mask that looked like a cow. The old man said, “if you wore the this mask, you could live at ease, like a cow that feeds on grass and takes a nap comfortably.” The lazy man wanted to wear the mask, so he wore the mask. Then suddenly he was changed into a real cow. He was very surprised at what happened. The old man took away the boy who was changed into a cow, and then put the cow on the market. After that he sold him to a farmer. He told the farmer, “If you feed a radish to a cow, it must die. That’s why you don’t give him a radish. And you should whip the cow to get him to work.” The lazy man worked hard for the first time in his life. He worked every day and was whipped harshly from early morning to night. He couldn’t bear everything, so he decided to die. After work on the way to home, suddenly he ran to the radish field, and he ate one. Thereupon, he turned back to his original form. He found out his mistake, and he worked hard after this happening.
by Ray

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Story about Maconco (burundi)

There was a man whose name is maconco, he married a king's daughter. One year after marriage he told his wife to go to her father and tell him this, Maconco needs your lovely cow and if you don't give it to him, he is going to kill himself and when the wife told her father about that he said it's impossible. Only what I can do is to let him choose another not my lovely cow. Then his daughter started crying, then the king got emotion then gave her the cow. when Maconco saw the cow, he was happy, but after that he needed the king's dog, if not, he was going to kill himself. His wife went back to her father and said, this time Maconco wants your dog; if not, the same condition as last time. The King didn't agree to give his dog. Then his daughter went back and lied to Maconco that her father told her he will give you the dog after two days. Then the wife went after two days and stole the dog from her father. When the king learned that his dog has been stolen by his daughter,he sent his army to get his dog from Maconco's house, then they ended by killing Maconco.
By Gilbert.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy New Year...Welcome 061 new students!


CESL 056

What is below this post was done by CESL students in 056, and can be most easily accessed through the archives by clicking on October 2005, November 2005, and December 2005. What is above this post is work in the new term, 061.