Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Listening - Final

I. Kip Kinkel pleads guilty...

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II. Kinkel sentenced.

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Same story!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Violent Girls

I looked at ’Bad girls go wild’ in the Newsweek. I learned 3 things. First of all, percent change in juvenile arrests for aggravated assault, 1980~2003, the number of girls increased 96%. Second, today one in three juveniles arrested for violent crimes are female. Last, a lot of juvenile females assault both girls and boys violently. I think that plenty of young females who make violence lack love from family or people around them. Therefore, people who know her should take care of her with love. In addition, they need to talk about their mind before committing crime.

I have asked those questions to some people. They answered something in common with each other. First, what can you tell a violent girl, if you meet her? People answered that there would be so many other things girls could enjoy and make their life better doing so. Second, how should they be punished? People replied that they would educate them about the future side effect caused by the physical fighting and the violent activity girls do to other people. Third, have you ever been attacked by a female? People gave an answer that a female had never attacked them. Last, do their parents have responsibility for their children’s violence? People responded that parents were responsible for their children’s violence so that they should be educated in good parenting. I agree with all of people’s opinions and I got the answer that I needed from people. However, nobody talked about her needing parental love and care. First of all, people who know her should take care of her with love so that it can prevent them from violence and crime.

Jeongki Lee

DNA Testing and the Death Penalty

I look at DNA Testing and the Death Penalty. I learned 108 people including 12 death row prisoners were forgiven because of use of DNA testing in the U.S. on June 2002. They use DNA testing to help confirm the innocence or guilt. In 2001, at least 14 of the 38 death penalty states now give prisoners the right to DNA testing. I think DNA testing is very important thing because DNA is very definite. Many prisoners were saved from death penalty after DNA testing.

I asked 4 questions to 3 Americans. I asked these questions. 1. What do you think about DNA testing, is it good or bad? 2. Why? 3. What do you think about the Death penalty? 4. Why is the murder rate going down? Everyone said DNA testing is good because some guy said DNA testing can be use in the courts. An other person said it shows the proof and other person said it can find the criminal easily. Question 3's answer was divided into 2 opinions. 2 people said Death penalty is good. One person said it is bad because many innocent people die. 2 people have no idea about question 4. One person said family value in society has improved over the last several years.


Hackers History

I talked with my neighbor Darrel, about hackers . He thinks hackers are immoral and he doesn't know about the history of hackers because he believes that is a bad thing because they go through people's privacy and they are trying to steal the people's documents. Next, about what's the best way to stop these people, he thinks very family has to study the nature of greed and explain to all families from now to the end of time. In conclusion, I think to stop the hackers the first solution is from the family first to teach their kids.

CAPITAL Punishment

Capital punishment

This website, which I read about “Capital Punishment- Pro & Con, talks about capital punishment, but the content is not by professional people, for example they said, “Just for fun”. There are eight students who expressed their belief about the death penalty. Specially, the people argue against capital punishment. In “Hard to kill a wrongly convicted criminal”, there are four people who suggest their opinion. Edward Laijas thought that innocent people will be wrongfully executed all in the name of justice. Jon Manning proposed that this slow execution rate is the process of appeals; from sentencing to execution there is about a seven to eight year wait. Abel Martinez put forward that people who kill someone in self defense should not be treated as one who kills just for the sake of killing. Jessica Spinler thought that the possibility of an innocent person being put to death is another argument some people have against the death penalty. Considering these opinions, I find the strongest reason that argues against capital punishment, is that, people cannot completely trust the law. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” is what most people agree with, but the truth is so difficult and confusing. So the law and judgment are the most important problems whether the death penalty is permitted.

In my interview, we talked about the following questions:
1. Do you agree with capital punishment in America? Why?
2. Do you agree with capital punishment everywhere? Why?
3. What crime should result in capital punishment in America?
4. Do you know what religion is against capital punishment?
All people do agree with capital punishment in America, even everywhere. They think that the murders were so cruel, to serve victims we need to consider their feeling and life. Then they only know that the homicide should result in capital punishment in America. Concerning that, people have different opinions about the relation between religion and capital punishment. Especially, Christians are in the same situation also. There are two things which are interesting for me. The first one, most people who are against capital punishment are Christians, but I unexpectedly heard the Christians agree with the death penalty. The second one, in my textbook, their discussion focused on the relation between the capital punishment and decreasing the murder rate, and whether to support the death penalty. In my interview, they never proposed how to decrease the murder rate with an extreme penalty, and they just talked about justice and righteousness. So I think that most American don’t care whether the capital punishment can decrease the murder rate, they just care whether the abolition is equal for the victims. Finally, in my opinion, I disagree with the capital punishment because I think the murderers never consider how certain the punishment will be when they were killing someone. Next, what value is the execution in the world? The death penalty just makes the murderers who were captured be gone. Then, nothing is changed and that the tragedy still is the same situation. However, if the murderer could be reformed, their stories will be good examples, and even affect some evil people to be correct. Maybe it is so difficult for this vision and it is like a dream. But I prefer to choose the little chance for the world and that I don’t want to make one more murderers in the world.


Murder and death penalty

I went to www.deathpenalty. org, and i tried to search hpw death penalty works with murder. I read about the US especially, there are some state wich use the death penalty for murder but others don't use it. For example Kansas and New york, which adopted the death penalty in 1994 and 1995 respectively. If thesr states are even more dramatic. In 1990, the murder rates in death penalty states and states without it was 4%. By 2000, murder rate in the death penalty states was 35%hight than the rate in states without the death penalty. In my opinion, the death penalty doesn't work because criminals don't fear execution; as you know, there are some criminals who kill poeple after they kill themselves, and also thier target is to kill then they can say, " I will kill you; after that they will execute me"> That is a kind of encouragement that the death penalty gives them. I suggest to those states which use death penalty to give up and panush them with life in prison.

Idscussed with some Americans thier opinions on the death penalty. One group agrees with it and said the execution is a good punishment of murder because of the family of the victim ,if they don't see the killer or heard his/her news in prison; they will be happy and also they will forget the victim. Another group said if someone commits a murder the goverment has to throw the book at him, they to put him in prison npot kill him. That is because if they kill him , he will not feel the panushment. Then all of them said, death penalty and life in prison don't decrease the murder.

By Gilbert

DNA testing & the death penalty

I investigated DNA (deoxyribonucleic aid) testing using the website,"DNA testing & the death penalty." DNA is an essential molecule which is part og every cell in our body such as skin, saliva, semen, blood or hair, etc. DNA testing helps accuratelu convict or exonerate. I heard that there wew a lot or suspects who received a wrong decion in the world, so DNA ersting is very important to solve many crimes. I hope that a wrong decision and crimes will be lost.

I asked some questions to three Americans. First is “What do you think about DNA testing?” and they said, “It is very practical to solve some crime. It is terrible that DNA testing can specify a person from one hair.” Second is “What do you know about DNA testing?” and they said, “I don’t know too much well. But I know that DNA testing can help them get much information from small things such as hair.” Third is “Do you know some crimes which were solved thanks to DNA testing? If you know some cases, please tell me.” and they said, “I don’t know in detail but there are many crimes which were solved by DNA testing.” Finally I asked that “I learned that the death penalty increase the murder rate. Do you know the reason?” and one guy said, “I don’t want to receive a punishment, so I think that, on the contrary, crimes decrease.” and the others said, “I think that there is a person enjoying thrill in a criminal. Also, someone wants to die but he isn’t brave enough to die by himself, so he tries to use the death penalty. ” I had an opinion of the former but I understand this fact thanks to them. There are many reasons that didn’t occur to me like they said. However, I don’t know the relation between the death penalty and the murder rate exactly. I hope someone will clarify this relation and carry out the best measures as soon as possible.


Violent Girl

I looked at a weblog whose name is 'Bad Girls Go Wild'. I learned women's violent crime is extremly increased. Moreover some crime was more blutal than male's crime. And also I learned age of women who commit violent crime is getting younger. I think these phenomenon is natural. Nowadays the right of woman is enccourage, and women always assert themselves like man, so aspect of violent is opened as well. In addition, nowadays there is a lot of violence in media. I think nobody is sure violent media never influences a girl's behaviour.

I asked three American people. Two of them are undergraduate students at SIU, and one of them is a teacher who is middle-age in CESL. I asked four questions. First, why do you think girls are more violent than they used to be? Both students said, they think nowadays women try to equalise with men. So girls' attitude is changed. And society is getting more open to them. The teacher said their families have problems. So she thinks they who are violent have a mental problem, so people who have a mental problem are increasing in this country. Second, how should they be punished? Both students said they should be punished the same as men are punished, like being sent to prison. But the teacher was different from the students' ideas. She thinks prison is not helpful to them; they need counseling to heal their minds. Third, do you know any violent girl? Both students said that they have known one violent girl. Finally, if you see a fighting between female would with violence, what would you do? One of them would ignore them and the rest of them will call the police or make them stop. AS you see, different generations have different ideas except on the last question. I agree with all of them. Ther are a lot of reasons. I think family is a basic socializer to them. But parents are too busy to manage their child, because of their job. They are opened to violent media without censorship by their parents and also they lack modeling.