Friday, August 31, 2007

To whome it may concern

Dear visitors, I'm going to interduce my self, so you don't have to looking for me in Google

1- My name is Mamdouh Alsharif

2- I'm a student from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

3- I'm 20 years old

4-Unfortunately, I'm lone single , however that could change in the future. Who knows ?

5- My religion is Islam, and I’m really abroad of that I’m Muslim.

6- I'm preparing for TOEFL because it's one of the requirements that I must have.

7- I got a scholarship from the National Guard to study in US

8- I’m studying in CESL – Southern Illinois University

9- I will apply for " Clinical Pharmacy " at University of California - San Francisco which is the best pharmacy school in the world.

10- Now, I'm studying at CESL - Southern Illinois University

11- My parents had 6 children. Four boys and two girls. Fortunately, I'm the oldest son in the family-

12-My hopes are playing soccer, swimming , and I'm crazy about reading

13- The doctors won't like what I'm going to say , but really I'm interested in the fast food

14- I have a nick name which is " Moon Shadow ".

15- I like sea, sunset, moon, dark, classical music, and the quite.

16 I have been to two foreign countries Egypt and Jordan

17- My favorite sport is " soccer " and my best team is " Arsenal " which is an English club.

18- On of the interesting that I'd like to talk about, that I heat the onion more than you image.

19- I found US is a terrific country , and I liked it more that I predicted, but I hope the American government can find a final solution for our visas issues.

That's all for tody

Thank you for your patient.


Mamdouh Alsharif

Who am I?

My name is Minami Kawasaki.
Today, I will introduce myself.

1. My name is Minami.
2. I came from Japan.
3. I have a cat.
4. I lke to take pictures.
5. I'm 21 years old now.
6. My birthday is the 26th of July.
7. I have parents,a older sister and brother.
8. I like to watch movies.
9. I'm a student of Tokushima University.
10. I stay with my host-mother, Lilla.
11. I can't speak English well, but I'm trying hard.
12. I'm wearing a shirt which I bought in University Mall the other days.
13. I like ice-cream and cakes.
14.I'm not good at driving.
15. I lke Japanese foods.
16.I visited South Korea when I was hight scool student.
17.I don't like tomatoes.
18.I had been to the beach on the camps of SIU.
19.I'll stay here for four weeks.
20.I want to learn American sociology.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
My name is Haruna Narazaki.

I'm from Japan.
I'm 22.
In Japan, I lived in Osaka.
But now, I live in Carbondale.
And in there, I share room with American.
My family has four people: my father, mother, brother, and me!
I have a dog:Jolly. She is old but she is so cute!!
My hobby is shopping and watching movies.
I like to watch soccer games.
And, I like to travel, too.
I've been to China, Hongkong, Guam, NY, Detroit etc..
I like Japanese foods. Sushi is very tasty!!
Before, I went to Chaina and studied there for a month. So, I can speak Chinese a little.
When I'm junior high school student, I belonged to traffic field team.
I have two best friends in Japan.
My father is very kind.
My mother is good at cooking.
I like foods which she cooks!
My brother is going to marry next year.
So, I'm very exciting!!
I want to go to Europe someday!!

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Who Am I?

1- My name is Fahad Mohammad I Alkaltham.
2- I am from Saudi Arabia.
3- I am 23.
4- I am Married.
5- I have a 2 months old son.
6- I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers.
7- My brother Abdulaziz studies in the US at the Universityof Alabama.
8- I have a bachelor degree in accounting from King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
9- I have studied English in England for three summers.
10- I am a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the accounting department at King Saud University.
11- I teach accounting exercises lectures for undergraduate students.
12- I am planning to study a masters degreedegree in accounting in the USA when i finish CESL.
13- I am planning to get my PhD. in accounting in the US, but in a different state.
14- I like football and body building.
15- I am a PADI diver, And i like fishing and camping.
16- My favorite football team is Real Madrid.
17- I like going to the movie theater, And my favorite actor is Nicolas Cage and my favorite actress is Meg Ryan.
18- I have been to South Korea, Great Britain, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar.
19- I would like to visit many places in the US such as California, Nevada and Florida.
20- I hope someday that i fined myself a successful accounting professor.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kanae Moribe


I am Kanae Moribe.

I' m 20 years old.
I' m from Osaka, Japan.
I brought many kinds of Japanese food here.
I' m living in Neely Hall, SIUC now.
This is my second time staying in the U.S.
I've been to New York last year.
I want to go to California.
I wanna visit to Canada, Italy, Spain, Balinese and Saudi Arabia, too.
I'm also studying Italian and Chinese.

I like listening to music, especially rock.
I want to practice the guitar.
My favorite musician is Sum 41.
I also like watching movies.
I've played badminton before.
I was a good runner, too.

My favorite colors are pink and black.
I want an American mobile phone recently.

There are 5 people in my family.
I have a younger sister.
We don't have any pets now.

who i am Jose Prieto

1. I 'm mechanic engineer.
2. I'm from Mexico.
3. I'm 24 years old.
4. Today is my second level in the CESL.
5. I like the cattles and horses.
6. I like to make a lot of friends.
7. The name of the city whereI live is Delicias.
8. I live in the campus.
9. My name is Jose Manuel.
10. I have two sisters.
11.The name of my parents are Manuel and Bertha.
12. I don't have grandpa and grandma.
13. I'm uncle on the present time.
14. I wish to be married with the person correct.
15. I like to watch baseball and football.
16. I was working in FORD Motor Company.
17. My speciality is Industry.
18. Two years ago there was famous competive challenge in the U.S. called the Mini Baja.
19.I like the Las Vegas,Nevada and its casinos.
20. I Like the beach and like to visit the bars

' Who are you? ' by Aki.

1 I play tennis.
2 I am lazy.
3 I like to meet people very much.
4 I come from Kyoto, Japan.
5 I like going out somewhere.
6 I like traveling.
7 I am talkative.
8 I like English.
9 I am active.
10 I like any music.
11 Karaoke is my favorite.
12 I love singing.
13 I like sleeping!!
14 I have two older brothers.
15 I have one pretty dog.
16 I live in front of a very famous castle.
17 I like driving cars.
18 I heve been to NZ, Saipan, and China.
19 I like the coutry side, mountains, and beaces.
20 I have some American firends who have been to Japan.

Who am I?

My name is GilJae Yeo. I`m from South Korea and I`m 22 years old. I lived in Seoul, but now i live brookside Apt in carbondale.
I have two sisters and a dog, but i don`t like cats. My favorite food is kim-chi. I like watch movies, swim, play soccer, make food, and travel. So i want to go California. Sometimes i listen to music and drawing. I have been Japan and china. My major is engineering. But now i wanna biology. My hobby is playing games and watching movies.


Who I am

I am Rose. I am from Brazil. I am married. I have 13 brothers and sisters. I am the yangest in my family. I am shy.
I am friendly. I like to do crafts. I like to watch TV. I like tocook Brazilian food. I like pets. I have two dogs and a cat.
I like to travel. I like to work out. I don't like winter. I don't like to read so much. I don't like to write. I like to try differentes food. I like chocolate cake. I like to go to the beach.

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