Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Faverite TV program

I like Sports Week in my home TV. It is reviewing all what happened in that week. There are a lot of new nows sport. any one athletic like to watch this program. Sports Week is two hours each week end. There are many kinds of sports. Soccer is important part in the program. It has long time for present soccer nows in all the word. I usually watch it, when they repeat it in the last night.


My favorite TV program

There are alot of TV programs that I like in my life. There is one TV program I have been watching since I was young. The name of this program is Diamond, and it's a kind of game. In the begin they start with 7 players. The point for this game is to see who has more skill and to see who is faster. There are alot of rooms. Inside each room a different game. When the player goes inside the room, he just has 5 minutes to get the Diamond. When I watch this program i really enjoy it Specially when I am with my friend because we have to guess who is going to win in the end.

My Favorite TV Program

In my whole life, the Sports Center is my best TV program. When I was child, I was very interested in sports.However, my country's broardcast company hasn't show many kind of sports. Among that time, I found out the Sports Center. That time NBA is the popular sports to me. I want to watch a lot of NBA games. That time Sports Center shown many highlights, which has variety sports news not only NBA but also MLB, NFL and NHL. Among the section, my favorite part is TOP10, which introduce the best perfoemonce in today. If I don't discover the Sports Center, maybe my life is more boring than now. Besides, at first time, I watched it my language version, but now I usually see English version. It provide not only enjoy the watch but also learn English. I don't understand everything now but I hope that it lead to me to be good at English. In conclusion, the Sports Center is very helpful, useful and enjoyful my life.

My favourite Move show

My favourite TV Show is X-files. This is very interesting and think a lot. At the end of they will never tell you what will happen and the answer and give you a lot of space to thinking and you will think have a lot of answers. This let a lot of people love this show and very famous at a span.
When at 8 o'clock in the evening every person sit infront of the TV and wait. We know this is not true but just find this stage direction is very great this not tell us the answer but we can guess and hope tomorrow can come early.

My favorite TV program!!!

HI! I am Patrick. This is my first time to write a personal blog, I want to talk about my favorite TV program. My favorite program is ESPN. It talks about any kinds of sports and including sports news, games, and players in the world. Many Americans like sports, such as baseball, basketball, and football. These are very popular sports in America. People care about which team won the game yesterday, and which player did very well.
I like to watch sports games, especially baseball and basketball. In Taiwan, many people care about the MLB player who comes from Taiwan, like Yankees Changming Wang, and Dodgers Hungzi Kuo. Because both these pitchers are very popular in Taiwan, we like to watch them play games. The other sport I like is basketball, especially the NBA. If I have time, I want to go the Unite Center to watch the Chicago Bulls games.
These sports are my favorite ! So this is why I like to watch ESPN. So if you have time, you should watch it and enjoy the games. I hope you will like it!

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The best TV program

In my country, every family has a televerison, it played a role in our life. They watched tv for news, whatever they want to see. Aslo I liked to wath TV too. it had many kinds of programs. Especially, my best tv program is entertainment. Every sunday night, It introduced about stars of events or activities. It reported their clothes style, because there were many fans want to follow their style. I also do that. They showed stars sandles. if i heared it, i shared with my classmate dring broken time, when i was in high school. this program invealed my star who had the new album. then, i would bought it, because i liked her or who was the famous. So, i liked entertainment of tv program.
name: Qin Zheng

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