Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Weblog assignment #1

Choose ONE of the following sites and write about it. You may explore before you pick the one you want. Follow the assignment as given to you on the assignment sheet.


Unmarried America


Cohabitation Nation


Stepfamily Association of America


Notables' Sperm bank (China)


Polygamy- "what it is and what guidelines are"



Here are two very interesting communes:

The Farm

Twin Oaks

Friday, March 24, 2006



Things below this picture were done Jan.-March 2006, and appear in the CESL Today Newsletter.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Top Ten Places to go over break

10. Sears Tower, Chicago (Hanna)
9. Michael Jordan’s Restaurant, Chicago (Alan)
8. Miracle Mile shopping district, Chicago (Mohanad)
7. Arch in St. Louis (Misfer)
6. Arch museum buffalo statue, St. Louis (Gilbert)
5. Las Vegas drive-through marriage chapel (N. B.)
4. Las Vegas drive-through divorce court (Omar)
3. Saluki basketball game, SIU Arena, Carbondale (Samah)
2. Giant City Lodge buffalo statue, Makanda (Ray)
1. Kentucky convenience store with “Cigarettes” sign out in front of it (Tahir)

Monday, March 06, 2006


First, there are a lot of occupations that are dominated by men, for example construction worker and the percent is 95%, that makes us conider this occupation 'male dominated' because if there is job and the percent is more than 90% we consider it a male or female occupation; for example, fire fighter 95%, truck driver 98%, and people who work in factories who carry heavy things.

There are alot of jobs dominated by women such as baby sitter 90%, teacher in kindergarden and barber shop for women; most who work there are women. We realized that the occupation that female has risen the most in is in tv commecials.

What do male dominated the most occupation have in common?

The men's jobs need strong hard and strong body, but women can work in more comfortuble places like in the office. That's what they have in common .I've learend a lot from this subject and you can visit this site if you want to learn more about gender and occupation .


In my opinion women must work in comfortuble places because it's too hard for them to work hard jobs like the men. Also, i think the best place for the women to be a house wife and taking care of children, but if women want to work they must arrange their time between work and house and choose work which is good for them and for thier families, because in the end the best place and most comfortuble place for women is home.

The Amish

The Amish live in 10 mils west of Intestale 57 off exit 203. The name of the town is Arthur. The people who live there are around 2,200 residents. The nearby state Amish live in are Ohio and Indiana. They speak english. They are originally from Switzerland. They think the electricity is evil in itself. The most intersting thing is traveling by buggy.

In my opinion, I think the Amish have such a good life that I want to try it just for one month or so. In my country there are some groups who live like the Amish style but I don't agree with them in a lot of things because they believe anything new should be illegal, but nothing we receive from god tells us that. They number around 2000 or less.

amish site
amish site
amish site
amish site

sexual harassment

I went to This web site talks about SIUC policies and policies of sexual harassment. The SIUC sexual harassment policy is located in the SUIC Board of Trustees. In this web site, they pointed out that Southern Illinois University (SIUC) "will take any action if necessary to prevent, stop, correct or discipline behavior that violates the sexual harassment policy". Disciplinary action will be inside but not only not oral or written warnings, demotion, transfer, suspension or dismissals for cause. SIUC cannot tolerate any form of sexual harassment. Also in this web site, they gave us direction to whom we can see if we have a case of sexual harassment in campus. We can talk to Janet Coffman in Counseling Center, Diann Anderson in Human Resources, Carmen Suarez in Office of Diversity and Equality. The SIUC sexual harassment policy was established on May 16, 2001 by the SIUC Board of Trustees. The recent new on sexual harassment in Daily Egyptian was about a national study on high incidence of sexual harassment on college campuses around the USA; many of college students between 18 and 24 years old had been harassed in some form. The study reported that 2,036 undergraduate students in USA have been harassed, 62% of them have experienced a harassment based an offensive gesture or remark. Another 32% are victims of physical harassment like unwanted touch,in a sexual way.

I can say sexual harassment law and policies are helpful for women but for men it is not the case, because men are still complaining that their normal, friendly behavior could be considered as sexual harassment. These policies well affect the relationship between men and women because the nature of a man is to look to a woman and ask her about a relationship, but with the law it is a crime. In my view, the sexual harassment policy is harassing the men. By Gilbert.

Sexual harassment

I learned about sexual harassment. I found this information on the website
sexual harassment
There are many kinds of sexual harassment actions. Examples of behavior that may be considered sexual harassment include: First, physical and sexual assault. Second, direct or implied threats that submissions to sexual advances will be a condition of employment work, social position, arise in rank, or letters of recommendation, and sexual questions, jokes, a pattern of conduct that could annoy or humiliate a reasonable person at whom the conduct was obviously directed.

We can go on campus to ask about sexual harassment complaint Resolution officer Seymour Bryson, Affirmative Action office, Seymour Bryson or Marcia Phelps, and the Informal _ Mediation office of the University Ombudsman.

Sexual harassment arises in all part of the country, in school, workplace, hospital and the others. It is still not eliminated. Most women suffer insult more than men and invisibly, but It’s a big problem for both of them. People who suffer sexual harassment are afraid of being damaged again when they let every one know. Many suspects are intact after their bitter experience. We have to tell our mind exactly and produce an atmosphere that, does not tolerate it.

by Hanna

Gender imbalance in population

As for the ratio of boys to girls in India, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, and China, boys count more than girls’ count, which means in the future we would have a lot of bachelors. The result is parents like to have boy more than girl because of the culture. We can know that too many parents care about producing a boy. In china, the government limited parents so that they just can have one child; also, the parents want to produce a boy because of culture. Also China has a big problem, that they have too many boys and few girls. The government bans people’s discriminating against a baby before the baby was born, and the parents would receive a combined annual pension for bringing up their girls, because they don’t want people pursuing producing boys.

I think the gender imbalance in population is a big problem; many counties have the same problem. Also they have some way of solution; I think the way maybe can succeed but if we ant to solve this problem completely we should change people’s thinking, and made them understand that a girl is as good as boy.

754 girls per 1000 boys

760 girls per 1000 boys

South Korea
880 girls per 1000 boys

910 girls per 1000 boys

830 girls per 1000 boys