Thursday, September 20, 2007


1. What is the crime in the video?
2. Why is the criminal not successful?
3. What controls(external or internal) deter you from committing this crime?

AE2-B Yeo, GilJae

Controlling crime

In the video, a robber wants money from a convenience store. He said “ Give the

money” from service worker. But he don`t have to money. The worker don`t have to

confused. He`s opposed to for robber and hit of high kick for robber. The robber is fall

down on the parking nuts. Nowadays every store has crime. So we need to more courage.

It`s internal controls.


1) I'm Jorrdanian.
2) I'm a mathematition.
3) I worked in Jordan 7 years from 1989 to 1996.
4) I worked 11 years in DUBAI, UAE from 1996 to 2007.
5) I 'm married.
6) I have one son, 4 daughters.
7)My nickname is ABU LAITH.
8) Laith is my son.
9) My address in Jordan is Zahar Irbid Jordan.
10) My address in USA is 2021 Evergreen Terrace Dr W Apt 1 Carbondale,IL 62901.
11) I have a BS in Science /math from Yarmouk University in Jordan.
12) I have a MS in Science / stat from Yarmouk University in Jordan.
13) I want to complete my study in math from SIUC,USA.
14) My name Haziem means Thunder.
15) Now I'm studing english in CESL ,SIUC.
16) When I was in UAE, I lived in Sharjah.
17) Sharjah is very beautiful place.
18) In past, I visited Atheina Greece in 1985.
19) I visited Lebanon, Syria and Suadia Arabia with my wife.
20) I have many friends in Jordan, UAE , Syria,Suadia Arabia and so on.

Controlling crime, by Haziem


What is the crime ?
Why is the criminal not successful ?
What controls deter you from committing this crime ?

In this video, the crime is stealing money from supermarket.

The thief wasn’t successful because he didn’t plan for the attraction will happen from the security, and for what time he will need. He took a lot of time in this process, and when he try to escape, he fell up on the ground. The worker, who is working in the store ( supermarket ), used his cell-phone to register this process in it.

There are many controls to deter someone from committing this crime. One of these is putting a security in the entrance to this store. Second, putting a big camera to take a picture for everyone. Finally, this store must display sign like “ This store prosecutes shoplifters to the full extent of the law.”

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Controlling Crimes by HeeJin

What is the crime?
What is the criminal not successful?
What control deter you from committing this crime

Controlling Crime.
In this video about the robbery. The young man tried to steal money from convenience store. However, he didn’t. Because the managers didn’t allowanced his acting. So he escape form store. But that time the manager to kick on his back. I think this is internal controlling.

Controlling Crimes by Kanae

1. What is the crime?
It is a liquor store robbery in 21st, Nov, 2005। A man who had a knife tried to rob money. He threatened the manager, saying, “give me money.” The manager was scared, but he attacked the robber, and the robber escaped from the store.

2. Why is the crime not successful?
The crime is not successful because the manager, Edward Patrossi, is smart। He jumped up on the counter, grabbed something, and gave him a high kick. After the robber escaped, the manager took pictures of the robber’s car license by his mobile phone. He said, “I was nice, polite, and did my best.” And because the robber didn't go over the store. If he have known that the clerk is smsrt and strong, He might not attack the store.

3. What control deter you from committing this crime?
Internal control deters me. A belief that the robbery is wrong discourage me from doing it.

Controlling Crime
Haruna Narazaki

1, What is crime?
The crime is a robber. He entered into a convenience store, and tried to rob much money.

2, Why is the criminal not successful?
Because a worker fought the robber. The robber ran away from him, but he went after the robber. So, the robber at entrance door kicked him. But, he took a picture of the car’s number so, the robber’s this plan was not successful.

3, What controls deter YOU from committing this crime?
I think this case works external control.
But, in my case, I think internal control deter me from committing a crime. Because, I think criminal is bad behavior and I should not commit a crime. For me, it is common sense of human.

Controlling Crime by Aki

Controllimg Crime

1 what is the crime in the video?

This is robbery. He entered the shop and tried to take money from a shop.

2 Why is the criminal not successful?

In the video, a man stood in front of register showing a long knife to a manager, but a manager said “What are you doing?” with strong emotion. A manager grabbed something and showed him attack emotion. Then he was shocked and he went back to the entrance. A manager kicked him and tried to take him out side. That was strong action. A manager took a cell phone and took number of a car with camera. That is why he didn’t successes this crime.

3 What controls (external or internal) deter YOU from committing this crime?

As for me, internal control does.
Because I have already have image of crime that crime is not good and wrong.
I think it comes from my beliefs and fears. I want what I want every time when I go shopping, however that belif dater from me.

Controlling Crime By Minami

Controlling Crime Minami

1, What is the crime?
That crime is a lobber who tried to steal money from a shop.

2. Why is the criminal not successful?
Because the manager was very brave and powerful to prevent the lobber from stealing money.And he took a picture of the car’s number plate, it helped to identify the lobber.

3. What control deter you from committing this crime?
In the video, a man was deterred by external controls.
In other words, he feared to be caught by the owner.
But in my case, inernal contorol is more strong, because I want to live in peace with reaiable frendships and get good jods.So I am detered from committing crimes.

Controlling Crime

1.- It’s about robbery in a liquor store and assault with a deadly weapon .

2.- Because the suspect or person who robs the store doesn't know about the control the situation. The suspect doesn’t take nothing money, he has a big knive and said it's a assault give me the money and said I’m serious, after the suspect go ran out side the store.
Its obvious the criminal doesn't professional and scary the people.

3.- I think the controls are internal because he doesn't feel with confidence what does this crime . Maybe he feel fear of being arrested.

by Jose M. Prieto





1- It’s a mini market robbery.

2- Because he didn’t know that the man who works at the store has a black belt in six marshals arts, so he defend himself by using this arts, and the robber didn’t expect that the seller will react that way so he escaped through the door then the seller followed him and gave him a kick that lay him on the ground, then the robber started to run and he followed him and took a picture of the car plate number which helped the police to arrest him.

3- It’s the internal controls that deter me from doing that which has four factors. The First it’s a forbidden and bad thing to do and will me make me feel bad about myself. The Second if my family and friends find out about it, they will disapprove it. The Third is the fear of being arrested or imprisoned. Finally social force such as being fired from my job, losing the trust of my colleagues, and not being able to get a good job because it will be on my records.