Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bulimia and anorexia

I went to a site on health information, which talked about anorexia, bulimia and eating disorders. This web site is trying to show us a statistic which has done on people who have the problems of bulimia and anorexia. On this web site, I read how the statistic of bulimia and anorexia is hard to elaborate because people who have that problem don’t like to talk about it, and there are people who have that problem but they don’t realize if they have it. One study shows that symptoms of bulimia in young girls are about 10 percent. Another study has been done on all people and they found out about 20% and 35% have that problem.

Bulimia and eating disorders are cause by the society and media because of socialization from their parents. For example girls are taught to be pretty, which means thin or having an athletes body, then they start to practice bulimia and eating disorders. Also men are the cause because they hate girls or women who are fat. Media has a part in the cause of that problem. When television is making advertisements it shows girls what they can take to become thin. To sum up I can say bulimia and anorexia are very dangerous for health because they can provoke death and diseases.
by Gilbert

Sunday, February 12, 2006


It's a nice show. Judge Judy solves people's problems which is very good and there are many positive things in that show for the audience to learn from other people's mistakes. I saw this show one time and I really loved it, even though there are a lot of cases that are kind of stupid and funny.If you are interesting yoy visit the site and read more about Judg Judy and her show and you will really like it.

Sometimes even though it's a very interesting show, they make the judge act funny and they make her get nervous sometimes. Whatever, I think we need this kind of show because we learn from it and it makes us know what is happening in the world outside.

In my opinion we need this kind of show in the TV to learn from other people mistake and and we have alot of peoblem in our society the judge in this she is very strong and she is female and that interesting because usually the females are sweet and kind they are not strong but in this show Judge Judy proves that the women can be strong and successful.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Growing up Male or Female

Growing up Male or Female
Both of boys and girls don't know if they are boys or girls, and then the society teaches them that. The boys and girls in the united state are treated differently from other countries. For exampe, baby girls tend to be dressed in bink clothing and baby boys tend to be dressed in blue clothing. In addition, about greeting style the girls kiss each other but the boys use a hug or shake hand. Baby girls tend to play by dolls and baby boys like to play cars. The girls care about appearance but boys don't. Terms of languge,the parents are teaching their kids by comparing between”he”and”she”and also by the way parents talk to them. For example, females are more polite than males and the parents are more emotional with girls like,” Could you turn the T.V, please?” “Turn off the T.V”. Girls always try to be polite and care about their beauty, and they ask men for help even if they can solve their problem, and also they care about their beauty to attract the men more than to be independent, and their parents always telling them not to cry and solve your problems. The parents are less emotional with boys. Also boys fear being feminine, and the care about their attitude (Elkin and Handel 1988;power and Shanks 1989). The girls are near to their parents than boys. The girls take care of them when they get older, rememeber the birth days, but boys don't expect to remember these stuffs because they are independent. The girls are less active than boys in the environment because their parents ask them to come to home early, but not boys. Many parents have been teaching their kids gender-neutral socialization. They are trying to raise kids more equal roles.
This situation is very difficult for the parents because of toy stores being filled with gender-specific toy.


I went to

I’m talking about Anorexia and bulimia.

Many people have abnormal problems. Some of them suffer from Bulimia. They eat food in a relatively short period of time and in quantity. They always punish and blame themselves it become not only be rough in speech but also handle a thing roughly. In short, grow wild. Bulimia has many kinds of mental problems; they are overcome with apprehensions, a feeling of unrest and look anxious. They can’t control their eating behaviors and mind. So they just eat although they don’t want to; after that they experience pain the vomiting again. These things decline in health. They may seem to be nothing more than a dangerous obsession with weight worry on the surface. That’s both Anorexia and Bulimia. They don’t want to be too much just want to be free and find their normal life.

Recently most people desire to have perfect appearance. Anorexia and Bulimia reflect the trends in society. It became this way; if they are not thin or slim they can’t be alive, in a struggle for existence, and people become different in their cognition gradually also. Which is thin and which is chubby? What should our standard for judgement be?

Anorexic and Bulimic people realize that it is foolish and invisivility is more important than visibility, which is knowledge, a mental attitude.


Stay at home dads

The site is talking about dads who stay with kids at home . There are some pictures in this site . Also , there are sections which you can enter and search about what you want. It is a free site , and if you have question , there is section which you can enter and put your question and your email . On the other hand , the site’s owner brings some people , and those people are talking about their lives and their experience .

In my opinion , I do not agree with staying fathers at home with kids , because
The fathers should work and get money for their family . Also , this is the man’s nature .
I have read things which are very nice . One of them , a man whose name is Eric ,and
He said my staying at home well for me and my wife . Althogh , the men tend to be outside the home , he stay at home . Because the girls tend to be at home and tend to
Cook and clean , they always stay at home and take care of kids . This is which the
Society taught us when we was children .

02/ 09 / 06


I went to web-siteDoom, which is made computer game by ID software, that is among land mark titles in the first-person shooter genre. They have made many kinds of a series of Doom since 1993. Doom has a story in which demons suddenly come out of the teleportation gates, so space marine, who is a character in the game, strikes down every demon. In addition, this web site tells generally about Doom such as game play, making of Doom, engine technology and history. In the article, I found very interesting a paragraph which Doom caused harm that is a period of school shootings in the U.S. when it was found that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who committed the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, were aid players of the game. They killed their classmates and teacher in the state of confusing an actuality and unreality.
I don’t like to play computer or video games such as Doom, which is the most violent game, but I feel that I want to play Doom just around once or twice while I read the explanation of Doom because it gave me an interest about its story. Well, young people are probably more interested than me. Nowadays, a lot of young boys spend time playing virtual games out of school. It is becoming a social problem. One of problems is that it has a possibility that young people can confuse actuality and cyberspace. So we can hear that some people who get addicted to virtual games kill people because they want to get people’s item that is used in the game. Other problem is young boys who spend most time playing virtual games cannot do anything but play games. They just paly games alone inside of their own imagination, although they need to study for school, play with friends out of the house and make many friend. As a result, parents and teachers cannot control what children do the whole time. So, they should help children to find something that they can enjoy such as sport, board game and educational computer game. And children is important to realize that playing virtual game is just hobby.
I think this web site tells just information of the Doom, but it is the same as public relations that take consumers into the Doom.
by Ray

Doom 3

The web site of Doom 3 is very scary; they have a picture of a monster on it and when you enter the web site you will hear a lot of scary sounds and they are making the new version of doom and it will be in 2007, you can see the advertisement of the game and also you watch who plays the game.

I think it is a good game but it depends on the gender because girls don’t like this kind of game and I think the society is fighting these games because of what happened in the school. Everyone knows what school.

Mohanad doubi

Jerry Springer show

Jerry Springer show
The Jerry Springer Show is a popular TV Show in the U.S. The TV Show invites some people to join the Show and encourages fighting on the show; if they fight each other, they can get high pay, so participators always fight on the TV show, because that can get a lot of viewers' attention, so, the show can get a lot of money and make sure it can keep going. People like watching someone’s stories and talking about that, usually talking about someone who is stealing someone’s husband or wife; it always can catch people’s attention. It’s important to get people’s attention. Jerry Springer shows five stories every week, and you can vote on the website, to choose who’s the winner. If you want to get tickets for free, you can sign in your information on the website; you have opportunity to get the tickets.

The Jerry Springer show looks like it helps people solve the problem, but it’s not true, they always do something wrong, and make families break, because they enlarge the problem; they just think about how many people watch their show, even if it makes a family break, they don’t care about participator’s feeling. Many participators fight on the show, but mostly male participators fight on the show, female participators are more calmer than male participators, because socialization teaches male, they don’t cry, so, they accumulate a lot of emotion; when they can’t accumulate any more, they will blow up, and be uncontrolled; that’s why male participators are more uncontrolled than females.

by Alan


There is no statistics on eating disorders because most of the people who have this disease are shy or they don't know what their problem is. The percantage of this disease in the girls is more than boys. Young women 10, other investigation found between 15% and 20%. The disorder in eating could kill people; the reasons many girls have this disorder is that they want to be slim. The other reason is the media all the time adverties girls follow this advise. Furthermore,many girls have a harmony proplem,so even if they stop eating,nothing is going to change. The kind of food the people eat, I mean junk food,because it's cheap,but it has a lot of fat. In addition,many girls don't want to eat because they don't control themselves when they eat.

In my opinion,these problems came from the media,and physical bodies,and they from desire to be slim,so thereis no solution to these problem because depending on people who have this proplem so the best solution I think it is doing exercises or eating healthy food and being confident of themseves. However, most of young girls want to be princess and they want to be more attractive for the men,so I think this is a natural diseas.
Statistcs on eating disorders


I went to the the anorexia website
It was about anorexia. It also talked about the causes and effects in the long range. I thinke it was really interesting website but i was hoping that they put some real stories about girls who had anorexia or still have it. This big dilemma is more common among girls than boys. In fact, i don't think that there are boys who have anorexia. However, girls have this problem because society teaches them, from the moment of birth, the importance of beauty. And girls always think that if you want to be beautiful you must have the perfect body.

When i was in my country i had anorexia but i had no idea that it's a serious issue. It's so common here in the U.S.A but it's not that common in my country. When i read about the consequences i discovered that i have some of them right now. In conclusion, i must say to all the girls who have anorexia or will have it you should think carefully before you do something stupid that might take your life! samah ali


Anorexia is a phenomenon of eating disorder that mainly affects girls and young woman, we can recognize sick woman with some facts. Usually she has a low body weight and refuses to keep a normal body weight. A more certain fact is she believes she is fat, even when she's very thin. There are some causes of anorexia. The main cause is a cultural problem. Some cultures in the US, have an ideal of extreme thinness in women, they may define themselves on how beautiful they are. If one women has anorexia, her body doesn't get the energy from foods
that it needs so it slows down. And also it would be harder for her to get pregnant. But we have some ways to get better. She must get back to a healthy weight. Or treatmant of medicines that help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Then she will be comfortable in mind and healthy.

I think anorexia is a universal problem. Because anorexia is a common problem for girls or young women, not only in the United States but also in many other countries. So we have to make a solution for this phenomenon. A woman who has anorexia always suffers from an imperative idea that she has to be thin. She thinks a thin body is beautiful. But that thinking is wrong. The true beauty is a healthy body with healthy mind. So we have to let every person know. Then people's thinking will be changed so there is no woman who suffers from anorexia, ever.

I went to Women's - overview website


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Growing up male and female By Gilbert

Brown and Hood (2002) in “Growing up Male and Female”,talk about four different methods which the society uses to bring up their children according to their gender. First of all they say newborn babies do not know whether they are boys or girls; they learn their gender roles by observing how the society treats them because babies are treated according to their gender. Baby girls are dressed up in pink closing and boys in blue. The society doesn’t give them the same toys. For example boys are given cars, guns trucks and girls are given dolls and beauty sets. Second they talk about when babies start to talk; the society teaches them masculine words and feminine words like “him” and “her” or “he” and “she”. Parents talk to their children in different ways, more politely to girls than to boys. I mean they use more emotion and feelings with their girls than with boys.Next Brown and Hood talk about behavior in which girls are tought to be “ladylike” polite, pretty, gently and sexy. They are tought also to rely on boys for help; they are though to express their emotions. Then boys are tought to be “Man like”, for example, they tell boys not to cry and not to loose. Because of this socialization boys grow up with a fear of being female. The authors talk about parent’s expectations of daughters and sons. Daughters are socialized more about the family; for example they expect them to remember birthdays, to take care of newborn baby in the house. Sons are not expected to do this stuff; they are expected to be more interested in the world, for example, getting a job and making money. The authors continue by discussing gender neutral socialization in which parents want to socialize their children into equal gender roles, but it is hard for them because of stores which make and sell specific gender toys; war toys for boys and domestic toys for girls. Parents try also giving their children gender neutral toys but it doesn’t work because of gifts from their relatives and friends.

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Weblog Assignment #2

Go to the weblog of your choice. Find out as much as you can from the website.

Then, write two paragraphs, each of several sentences. The first just tells what you see. What's there? Who is it for? What does it do? The second will tell how you feel about it and why.

Possible topics (remember, we've been studying socialization

Daytime television

Jerry Springer Show

Judge Judy

Daytime television overview


Statistics on eating disorders

Women's - overview

Something fishy- website on eating disorders

Video Games & Doom

Main site of Doom 3

Doom (Wikipedia)

Dads who stay at home

Stay-at-home Dads (or visit any of the three stories at the bottom),,186674_618693,00.html

Contemporary Guide for Stay-at-home Dads