Monday, March 05, 2007

Andre's assignment #5 - Death Penalty


The web site “The Death Penalty Worldwide”, part of “Infoplease: fill the knowledge you need” displays several countries classified according to the permission or not of the death penalty. They can be classified as Death Penalty Outlawed for ordinary crimes before it was outlawed in all cases; the earlier date is given; Death Penalty Outlawed for Ordinary Crimes- It’s allowed only for exceptional crimes, such as crimes committed under military law or in wartime; De Facto Ban on Death Penalty- It’s allowed by law but has not been the practice for ten or more years; and places where the Death Penalty is Permitted. The web site tells us about some statistics according to Amnesty International. During 2005 at least 2,148 people were executed in 22 countries, 94% in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the United States alone. More than 5,186 people were sentenced to death in 53 countries. More than 20,000 prisoners are on death row across the world.

This web site is really interesting; I spent more than an hour looking at many interesting things. You can also know a lot of statistics about American prisons, death row, men freed, and many really interesting things. When you go to this website you can do a rapid analysis of the situation of the countries and their following categories. For example, it’s very easy to see that the only 3 developed countries where the death penalty is permitted are Japan, the USA, and China, while all the other industrialized countries have already banned capital punishment. Also, if you want to kill someone out of your country, you should visit this web site to avoid surprises.