Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New Way to Quit Smoking

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New Way to Quit Smoking
                  According to the article new product called e-cigarette, can help people quit smoking cigarettes more easily.  It’s an electronic device that allows smokers to get their nicotine needed without inhaling the chemical substances that cause cancer.  It has two parts.  The first one is a battery that supplies power to give a light when the user inhales. The second part is a cartridge that contains nicotine, flavor, and a vaporized liquid, which produces a harmless fog that looks like smoke.  Despite the potential benefits of the e-cigarette, the government has never been tested for effectiveness and safety. One safety concern is the usage of propylene glycol, a chemical used in antifreeze, in the fog. Studies showed that it has a small amount of nicotine. So, it stilled harmful for people whom used it. It could be a great step to fight against smoking if research can prove its effectiveness and safety as product, but it stills illegal to sell in many countries. A lot of studies “showed that it’s not a good way to quit smoking; however, they consider the product as way to attracts adults remains smoking”.

                  The electronic cigarette is a stunning product that could truly help smokers to quit. The idea of the E-cigarette that gives a particular percentage of nicotine that the smoker needs to feed the addiction. However, it does not have all the chemical substances which the regular cigarette has. Beside all of the benefit that the E-cigarette has to lead the smoker to quit, it has disadvantages. First, regarding people who do not smoke, it might draw them to the give it a try, because of all the different flavors and the attractive styles. Also, it could attract the youth to try something new by persuading themselves that it does not affect their body and they will not get addicted to it. Second, they might abuse the product, by smoking everywhere and every time, and this might lead them to smoking the regular cigarette.