Monday, March 05, 2012


 * Summary :      

          This article"Slang in the world of hooking bulls, businessman's events and dirt baths"said, there is a specific type of players who have strength, and they like to present their skills by taking risks with riding bulls, or riding wild horses. These kinds of players are called"Cowboys"or"bull riders", and they display a game that's called"Rodeo". Also, the article said that there are many special terms that bulls riders use, and these words actually have no meaning; however, this means just the bull riders know what these words mean. One of rodeo organizers, whose name is Jack Bergeson, said"that the rodeo term ' bulldogging ' has nothing to do with either bulls or dogs". Another term they use is"ruffles", which means a special group of riders or Cowboys who show the biggest risks, like riding a wild horse, which is called"broncs", or riding horses without saddles. Something the article said about what the Cowboys do such as"breaking a horse", and they try to hang on them by just one hand, and this kind of games is called"rigging". In addition, there are a lot of words that they use as a sign between them such as"dirt bath", and"hooky", and each of these terms has a special meaning for them.

  * My reaction is :

           In this kind of games, there are a lot of risks that might happen any time such as injuries, or even death. These games have become the famous games that people watch today, and people like to see that game which has some excitement and risk, because always risks attract their attention, and also today these games which have risks are developed, like"rodeo", and they have come to have some levels of risks, and this kind of games causes some dangerous injuries. I believe that these games are very exciting to watch; however, it is very dangerous to encourage these players to practice these games on purpose for fun, or enjoyment.