Monday, March 05, 2012

World of Sports Doping; from the laboratory to the playing field

         World of Sports Doping; from the laboratory to the playing field shows that steroids can have bad effects on famous players and your body. In addition, steroids cause a problem in the sports games and olympics. Steroids look like drugs, so people who are taking steroids get depression. The news said that steroids has a lot of problems and suggests solutions.

         Many sports player really want to be famous stars in their sports, but it is not easy. They are going to stay alive in the competition. So, they are trying to do what competitors do to win. Steroids are one easy way. For example, one Korean baseball player has used steroids for his player life and he won many titles. Before retiring, he disgraced his career, because he used banned drugs(steroids). His body became worse quickly, so he focused on his career. I think that for a sports player, are important their career and title, but I think that fair play is more important in the fields and stadiums. Therefore, each moot sports organizations should be thoroughly investigated and should prohibit using steroids. Then we will see a great sports game and our children will also learn fair play from their playing in the games.