Monday, March 05, 2012

Title Nine

        In " Studies Link Girls Sports to Gains in Life," which is in VOA site, the author says one  of the government programs named Title Nine covers any education or activity program, such as sports at high school. It gives funds to the students so they can join the team sports. After it became law, the number of participants began to rise. That is because sports have positive effects on women's life, their health, work, and study became better than before. As we see, Title Nine gave girls a chance not just to be equal with boys at the level of sport, but also to improve their lives.

       In my opinion, I found programs like these are very helpful, useful, and have benefits to a person's life. I think it will be good if it includes all education levels, from the elementry to graduate, not just for
high school. That progrem seems like a lot of  Ministry of  Education programs in my home country that are supporting student talents. It gives them funds and trains them in training programs. That is because they will not help them selves only, they also will help to develop their country. I agree with programs like this, especially for poor people who cannot join any education or activity field .