Thursday, March 01, 2012

Steve Fossett; 100 World Records Setter

Can you imagine a person who achieved lots of marvelous records in different fields of sports like flying, ballooning, sailing, mountain climbing, running, swimming and more? That superman’s name was Steve Fossett, and “Adventurer Steve Fossett Set More Than 100 World Records in Five Different Sports” on was the story of him. He did not look like a remarkable challenger like Amelia Earhart, but the records that he achieved during the end of 20th century to early 21st century are really remarkable. Two famous records he established are the first solo flying and the first solo ballooning around the world. He achieved these records based on his physical, mental, and also financial strength. He was not only an adventurer but also a successful business person, so he paid for most of the cost of these challenges by himself. And it’s surprising that he achieved most of the records after he succeeded on his business, not on his youth. Unfortunately, he died from a plane accident suddenly in 2007, but his glorious records are still alive.

There are too many things to think or mention about such a great person, but I try to focus on the reason why he wanted to do many challenges. First of all, he might have been a person who was eager to breakthrough something at any time. Most people have desire to overcome challenging things; however, his desire might have been bigger than the others by far, and his experiences of achievement may have driven him more eagerly. Second, he might have had an aspect of a risk taker. Like most risk takers, he thought that he carefully reduced risks before he tried to do something, but what he had done was still too risky for most people to do. Anyway, I think his physical strength is a good model for us, especially in the business area. I want to follow him, but I don’t prefer any risks!