Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Snow Business' present situation in US

             In the United States of America, about one hundred seventy thousand people ski or snowboard per year; however,the number of visitor has decreased in recent years because of weather including global warming. To keep them, the ski resort area manager tries some ways. When snow’s condition is not good, they use computers and check the weather, then use snow making machines. They have to care about safety in where it’s easy to happen to the accidents, too. The satellite is operated to find people when avalanches come. The amusement in which we play with nature involves risks for manager, and visitor too.

              I was surprised because I didn’t know that many Americans enjoy winter sports. Actually, when I went snowboarding in St. Louis, there are only whites; I don’t know why, so there were not so many people. And then, I’ve seen the snow making machine for the first time, but it didn’t work at that time. It’s bigger than I thought. I agree that ski and snowboard include risks. If it is crowded, people may hit each other, or people fall down and may be break bones. I fell down, slipped off on the snow and unfortunately, I was hit my head on the snow making machine. I think it seems that manager does their best to keep safety; we also have to follow the rule and enjoy it.