Monday, March 05, 2012

The Shark

 I read in the passage, " Shark Diving and Feeding Raises Concerns, for Sharks and Divers. it  was talking about the shark". It had some facts and advice. It was a point about how it is a hazard to saturate the underwater world, or exist nearby it, especially the shark. Also, it explains how to be away from their down side; in addition, it gives an example for people who had died because of it. Another thing, the people became scared of it in the recent years, and there were some people who took the benefit of the shark in different way.

I agree with the author. The shark has some advantages and disadvantages, and maybe its disadvantages are more, but the shark doesn’t hurt anyone if we don’t bother him or  have presence in its area. I think that is a general trend. If anyone feels dangerous or sees strangers he will show natural reaction to protect himself. In my opinion, those people who want to swim near  the shark because they like it or just for adventure even take the benefit of it; they should know when and how they do it. Furthermore, so if we like to do some exciting and new things in our life to feel the sweetness of life we should notice not harm ourselves.