Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Apple Which Carries Happiness

              It was a warm day in spring. The yellow taxies passed through the skyscrapers. The sun was able to be watched in the west sky. It was always crowded. Two young people were looking for a cafe where they could spend a good time. The tall girl said, “Why didn’t you research a good place yesterday?”  The man said, “I’m sorry, Kathy,” and didn’t say any more. Three years have passed since they started dating when they were seniors in high school. Everyone envies them as a well-matched couple. He really loves her; however, he couldn’t figure out if she loves him.

              They found the cafe at the corner and entered it. “How many?” “Two,” he answered and sat the in a chair beside her. He chose iced coffee but she was thinking of a green tea latte or café latte.  He thought she, who is thinking about the menu, is cute too.  The waitress came and said, “Are you ready?” When he looked up the waitress to order, he realized who she was. She was Christina who was his previous girlfriend when they were junior high school students. “Are you Jack!? Oh my…How are you?” She also recognized him. They forgot to order and chatted for a short time. Kathy, who didn’t know her, was listening quietly with a smile. When he saw her smile, he felt kind of sad. “Does she really love me…?” After that, Jack and Cathy talked about a lot of things until the sky became dark, but his heart wasn’t there. When he paid the check, Christina gave him her mail address and whispered, “Please contact me.”

             After he took Cathy to her home, he sent a message to Christina. From then on, they kept in touch. She replied soon, different from Cathy. He was really having a good time. They talked about high school life when they didn’t know each other. The number e-mails to Cathy had decreased, and he hadn’t received any e-mails from her either; however, he didn’t lose love for her; actually when Christina invited him to dinner, he declined her. He was unclear as to what he should do.

              One day, he caught the flu and lied down in bed. He was lonely because he lived alone. He wasn’t in good state to cook dinner, so he ordered takeout. While he was waiting for some food, he posted a message on Facebook. “I caught the flu ;( Please bring some apples for me!” A few minutes later, he got a comment from Christina. “That’s too bad…After you are better, come to the café again. Take care!” He was so happy. However he didn’t get a comment from Cathy. “My best partner may be Christina not Cathy, after all,” he thought. Then the bell rang. He thought finally delivery person coming, and went to open the door. There was Cathy in front of him.

              “I brought many apples for you!!” she said with smile. He started crying. He noticed her love for him. She cared about him even while he e-mailed with Christina. He blamed himself about why he couldn’t understand her love. She wondered at his reaction and embraced him and said “What’s happened? You are so lonely, aren’t you? Don’t worry! I’m always next to you.”