Friday, February 24, 2012

At 11:30 on the street

John is 20 years old.  He is an outgoing man.  He is a College student in his second year.  He was tall when he was in high school; as a result, his friends called him Michael Jordan because he is tall and his face was similar to  Michael Jordan’s face.  John’s father encouraged him to  join the basketball team to play and become famous like Michael Jordan. However, he does not like to play basketball, he likes math more than basketball.  He is good at math.  He feels happy when he tries to find solutions for mathematical problems.  His dream was to be a mathematician.  To achieve his dream, John is majoring in math at the University of Chicago. 
One day he was studying and reviewing for a math exam in his favorite coffee shop.  After a long time of studying he could not find the result to one of the mathematical problems. As a result, he decided to go to his house because the coffee shop would be closed after 30 minutes and that was not enough time to find the result. Consequently, he left the coffee shop around 11:30 p.m  to go to  his house.  He did not have a car and his friend was busy, so he decided to walk to his house.  While he was on his way to his house, he put on his headphones to listen to his favorite singer.  The road was empty and dark; however, the moon illuminated the place.  As he was walking he felt someone come out of the dark.  After a long time a stranger was still following him.  Then the fear seemed to infiltrate his body.  John seemed to speed up his footsteps away from him, but the unidentified man was approaching him much faster.  John thought to call police or his friend; however, when he was trying to call, his cell phone turned off, so the battery ran out of power.  As a result, he could not believe that, and the unidentified man called out to John; however, John ignored the unidentified man.  Suddenly, the unidentified man seemed to touch John’s shoulder.  The unidentified man knew John was afraid and said “I didn’t come to kill you or steal your money.  I came here to give you your wallet.”  John was happy because he found his wallet, and thanked the unidentified man. After that, John invited the man for cup of a coffee in his house.  They went together to John’s house, and talked about their lives?  John told  the man, "I am a college student and I have problem with one of the Mathematical issues.  I can not do it .''  The man smiled and said, “My name is Dr. Smith.  I am a mathematician at North Western University.”  He offered his services to John to help him solve the problem since he had the required information.  John agreed to accept some of the help.  The next day, John took the test and got a high score  in mathematics.  After that, they met many times to help each other and  the two became friends.   Now,John knows that he should not judge a person from the first interview or meeting.


CESL said...

beautiful story. the climax in the story was so excited, when I read it I want to know what will happen next. And, I like the lesson in the end of the story.

good luck.

CESL said...

your story is nice.i felt curious in the begining to know what that man want for him,and i learned not all the strangers are dangerous or bad.

Good luck,

CESL said...

actually it was a good story. when i read it i assumed that it an exiting story. the conclusion was perfect. i wish that will happen to specially if im going to find someone helps me with my HW.
Good luck