Friday, February 24, 2012

The Girl And The Mysterious Man

There was a nice story in the downtown of a beautiful coastal city; it is famous for its civilization and beauty of nature. Behind the skyscrapers, there was an outdoor café, can sense of the cold night breeze, inside it a girl sat. She had a warm feature, innocent eyes, a tiny nose and cherry lips. Her name was Susie. She left her hometown in Vietnam, for she wanted to complete her education. Every weekend she visited her parents. She lived in the students’ accommodation. Her room was so sweet. It was painted in pink, and it had a lot of posters, pictures and quote. She studied at a university in the third level; in addition, she was very diligent student. She came to this coffee shop, to complete her work before she went to her home.
 One day she ended her duties early, and she left the coffee shop. She was going to go to the marriage ceremony of her friend. Suddenly she felt someone followed her. The time was 11:00 p.m .The place was quiet. A few people walked in a terrifying way, it had no light, there was only a reflection of moonlight, and the weather was cold. She felt a shudder in her body. She started to be afraid. She didn’t know what to do. She took a taxi. She went to her friend party. She saw her friends; she had not seen them for a long time. They talked about their previous days. They danced; furthermore, they ate dinner together, so they had a great time. At that interesting time, she forgot the person who was following her.
 After the party ended, she rode a bus; however, the bus was crowded. She had to stop between lots of men. She remembered that man, but she didn’t know how he looks like. When the bus stopped, she ran quickly. She was very tense and tired, so she walked in the wrong direction. She entered a narrow dark way. Within minutes, a huge shadow for man back. She continued to run. Unfortunately, there was a wall which blocked the way. She thought, she must jump over it to protect her life, but she was afraid of heights. She overcame her fear. She closed her eyes, and jumped. He was still behind her. When she walked quickly or slowly, he did the same. She became suspicious about him. She encouraged herself, and she decided to find out who he is.
 She stopped, and she asked him aggressively. “What do you want from me?” “You forgot your wallet at the coffee shop, and I tried to return it to you” he said. She turned. She looked at him. He was a gentle, handsome man. He had a long skinny body, big muscles and big beautiful brown eyes. She didn’t know what to say, and her heart beat accelerated. She felt a strong feeling inside her. There was silence between them, and their eyes started to talk. The sound of thunder interrupted their talk. “Oh my gosh! It starts to rain” he said. He brought her to his car, until it stops raining. He introduced himself to her. I am Tom; I am 29 years old. I work at B.M ccompany; I live with my twin brother.
His brother was very different from him. He was thickset. He had a round face, red cheeks, and curly blond hair. Also, he was very fun. He has a lot of friends because of his nice personality. Susie also introduced herself. They were talking transparently, as if they had known each other from a long time.
 After a while, the rain stopped. He took her to her house, and gave her his cell phone number. Both of them didn’t sleep that day. They were thinking about each other. The next day morning, Tom gave Susie a ride to her university, and invited her to eat lunch together in the afternoon. They were excited about that meeting. They calculated the hours, minutes and seconds. After that long day, they went to a nice restaurant. It overlooked the sea. The place was warm, romantic with a dim lighting and classical music. Their emotions were shown; as a result, they  fell in love.
Over time, they were going to that coffee shop permanently, and they helped each other in their duties. They had an intimate relationship. Tom asked Susie to spend rest of her life with him; consequently, she accepted him. She was overjoyed. They decided to marry after Susie finishes her studies. She worked hard. She wanted to finish as fast she could. Tom supported her, and he was a strong motivated for her.
Finally, after Susie graduated, they got married. They had a large unique party, so they invited all the people they know. They had a nice family. They lived happily forever.


CESL said...

lovely story. When you describe the facial features accurately, it was beautiful and amazing makes me imagine it as if I actually see them in front of me. I really liked it.

Good luck.

CESL said...

Beautiful story.Your setting was amazing when the man followed her, and how you describe the restaurant. Also,I like your characters you described them very well.

good luck.

CESL said...

This is sweet!!
First, I thought same story with Rabab, but it's different.
I had never thought they got married! Your imagination is great!!
Good job!