Saturday, February 25, 2012

The First Job Interview

Sara was sleeping in her comfortable bed. She was embracing her soft pillows. Some of the sunbeams enter the room through the white curtain. It was mid August 2007, 9:50 in the morning, in a quiet street at the tip of the city. In the third house from the beginning of the street, Sara and her husband John are living for 3 years. They met each other for the first time at her best friend’s birthday. She was running with her friends; however, by mistake, she spilled juice on his clothes. She continued apologizing all the time; nevertheless, he just laughed. After that day, they liked each other and they had been seeing each other for a long time; as a result, they got married.

It was 10:00 am; Sara just woke up and hurried down stairs to see if her husband was still home. She was rubbed her eyes. She called him but he was gone. She entered the bathroom and washed her face and cleaned her teeth in only two minutes. She dressed, and put her hair up; in addition, she stood in front of the mirror and put some makeup on quickly. She was so nervous. It was the day of  her first job interview, and she must go early. It is 10:15; the interview will begin at 11:00 am.

She tried to call her husband but there was no signal. She checked her wallet, but unfortunately, there was not enough money to get a ride by taxi. She looked from the window to see if her neighbor Suzan went to work. She saw her car in front of her house. She was so happy. She must still be at home. Sara can’t believe, finally, she will go to the interview. She harried and knocked on her neighbor’s door several times, but no one responded, “God, there is some noise inside” she said, after a while, her neighbor’s husband opened the door. She said, ” Hi, my husband has gone and I need someone to drive me to my interview if you do not mind, please?” He said, “I’m sorry, this car doesn’t work; consequently, Suzan has gone with our son.”

She went back to her home, but she did not give up. She called her husband again, but he still had no signal. She called her friends, but all of them were working, so they could not help her. She went to her room and started to take off her clothes, yet she heard some sounds downstairs. Her husband came back, for he forgot some important documents for his work; however, he was surprised when he saw her because he thought that she went to her interview. Finally, he took her to the interview. As soon as she arrived, they called her name. She did well in the interview; as a result, she got the job and impressed the employers.

At this time 2012, her family grew up. She has two beautiful daughters, and she is running and operating her own business. Every day she wakes up early because she does not want to be late ever. 


CESL said...
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CESL said...

Your story is interesting.ilike that part of your conflict when sarah wanted to go to her interview but all the way was closed,it was so tense.Also,ilike sarah'S character because she did not give up easily.

Good luck,

CESL said...

wow. i like her Insistence to get the job.
you did well. you have special style to write.

good luck
Ayed alshammari

CESL said...

It was amazing and exiting. when i read it, i felt like im reading a real story. the conflict was perfect and so creatively.

Good luck