Friday, February 24, 2012

Make a Wish

I sat in a Starbucks coffee shop; furthermore, I looked outside the noisy city. The little snowflakes were fluttering, I drank the last piece of warmth coffee; accordingly, I decided to go home. When I opened the door, I felt the downtown chill. I put on my coat, and left the coffee shop. I walked along the road. The sky was reflecting a little bit lightly. I listened to romantic music, for I missed my girlfriend.

Soon after I crossed the road, for I chose that way go home; as a result, I reached home quickly. This road was very quiet; in addition, the roadside had a lot of trees. They were neatly arranged. I vaguely saw several villas behind the trees. These villas were like castles in the movie, I heard the music and I thought, when will I get own castle? At this moment, my mp3 player was out of battery; consequently, I heard uproariously city. Then I heard the wind singing and the snowflakes dancing. I was afraid, for I heard heavy steps close to me. I considered someone follow me. 

Suddenly, I turned around, but nobody. I found a man standing in front when I turned around; in addition, he had a pair of big blue eyes, no hair and his body was like the sky. "What's your name? What's up man?" I asked aggressively. He smiley said, "I am Avatar. I came from another planet. I am friendly. Please don't be afraid. You were lucky boy; similarly, I will give you a gold crystal ball. You can make a wish. The crystal ball can help you achieve your dream. " "Really?" I asked curiously. A split second, he disappeared; accordingly, I looked at the ball carefully. I found the ball really beautiful. Then, I saw avatar in the ball; in addition, he said, "you should make a wish. The ball exists five minutes." "If you don't make a wish; as a result, my planet would perish." He said. "What's your planet name? Where? How can we go to your planet?" I asked. "It's a secret. I don't tell you and I'm sorry about that. Please quickly make a wish." He said serious. "I need to go home, for I have to make a good wish." I said nervously, "Moment, I took the sun ball to my bedroom. I closed the door quickly, and I made a wish." 

Wake up! Wake up! My mother said. Hurry up! You were late. I realized nothings broken. Originally I made a dream. I forgot the wish, I hope avatar’s planet everything is great!


CESL said...

It's a funny story. I like this story because there are a lot of mysteries still not made clear. It's a strange situation. but it makes me more interested in. What was happening on the avatar's planet? Why the avatar would be helped himself by making a wish? And what the main character finally wished? Imagination about this story expands endlessly.


CESL said...

it is an interesting describe the sitting very well.i felt like if i was there,and i wish something similar happen to me.Also.i was curious to know more aboutthat man?

Good luck,