Thursday, February 02, 2012

Being comfortable on a long plane flight

Flying for long hours will make us feel tired but I have some advice to be comfortable. First, in the plane there is nothing we can do but just sitting on the chair, we can take some books with us and enjoy reading. For example, you can take a novel or story to read; it is better than a magazine because the novel will catch your attention and you will keep reading without stopping. By that way you will not feel the time and will not feel tired. Also if you just stay and do nothing you will feel bored and tired; if you work in the plane, for example, if you have some jobs and you don't want to waste your time, you can work on your job by the laptop if it is possible. And it is comfortable because you just sit and work. Finally, just having fun, you can watch a movie or play video games or just sleep.

Do not think about the hours, just think what can you do in that time, and the flight will be comfortable.

Afnan Alaswad