Friday, February 24, 2012

The Night of Horror

Sitting in a corner, I was looking at the raindrops on the small window of café. It was September 27th, the time when the rainy weather tells us that the winter is coming. After a  long day of work, I always prefer to have a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop which is in a bad part of town; consequently, in that place people are attacked or stolen from by  thieves. But the hospitality of the coffee shop with the beautiful smell of coffee which is offered made me prefer it more than any café in the town.
I left the café to take a short walk in the rain before I went to my house. It was a dark night at  11p.m when stores start to close. It was a quiet moment except for the sound of rain drops like clapping hands at graduation. Suddenly, the sound of steps behind me seemed like they were following me! I went to right, left; however, the steps still followed me. I looked behind. He was a man as tall as a tree, who wore a black coat, putting his hand in his pocket. He look as if he was hiding something. He doesn't look serene. I couldn't recognize him or see his face except his glasses because of the dark. The road was empty except for a few cars which didn't hide the steps' sound.

The questions started to attack my mind. Why would anyone want to follow me? What did he want from me? Did my husband hire him to watch me? Did he hold a gun or knife? Did he want to kill me? But why me? I have never tried to hurt anyone. Why does he want to hurt me? What should I do now? Oh God, protect me.

I took my cell phone from my purse trying to call my husband. I knew how much he was jealous, but he still worried about me. "The phone number you called is closed now, try again later." I completely forgot. He told me he has a work meeting until 12:30p.m. Let's try with some friends. They were always asking about me. If I need some help or any advice, I found them around me. Wait a second, they're all out of town. Oh no, who could help me. Yes, I found someone. Judy, my neighbor. I know she'll help me. She has never refused me any request. Her phone rang. Come on Judy answer please. " Hello." Her voice didn't sound good, but I started to talk. "I'm sorry, I know it's late, but I need your help …." She interrupted me quickly," I can't. My son hurt himself when he was playing. I'm in the hospital with him now. Sorry." Her words threw me completely. I was lost. She was my only hope.

I wished I had called a taxi before I left the café instead of taking a short walk; however, that doesn't matter now. I must disappear from his eyes. So I jogged. "Hey mum, wait," he said. His voice was thunder on my ears. My steps grew faster and faster. I ran as fast as I could and my heart was beating wildly. Finally, I entered a narrow alleyway which was a dead end. " I'm done," I said with interruptive breaths.

The sound of the rain was strong like bells' sounds telling the world my time of death. He's coming. He was becoming closer and closer. My feet were frozen. With all the fear I felt, I couldn't cry; nevertheless, I still had some hope and I grasped it strongly. "Finally, you stop," he said with an angry voice. " What do you want from me?" I said carefully. " I don't even know you." He entered his hand in his pocket. He tried to get something out then faced it on me. Could it be a weapon? 

I couldn't see anything except some shadows." Why did you run and let me chase you? I just want to give you this. You forgot your wallet when you left the coffee shop," he said. My wallet? Now I remember. Yes he's right. When I was paying my bill at the counter, the old lady fell on the floor; thus, I left my wallet at the counter to helped her. Then I left the café without a thought about my wallet.

I realized now why he was follow me all this time. I had thought badly about him, but he just wanted to return my wallet to me. This taught me a lesson; I should stop and face him to know what he wanted instead of run away from him. That would have saved scared feelings. Lastly, I thanked him for the municipality he had. I never forgot that night which was so similar to the horror movies I have been seen.   


CESL said...

It's very attractive story. By using similes and metaphors, scary scenes are drawn more realistic. And I like the part that the main character came to the dead-end, the climax. The main character's fear became larger by then. I can't help being excited about what will happen next!


CESL said...

This story is very exciting!!
Many details were written, so it's easy to imagine setting.
As I read story, I became excited.
And you used some vocabulary that we learned in class! That's good.
I like this story, good job!!


CESL said...

What can I say,, perfect, complete,and exiting. I like the setting also the conflict of the story. as soon as i read it i got exited and so curious about the end of the story.
Good luck